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Can we get a page navigator on the PSN profile page?

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Haven't noticed that the game viewing could be an issue until I played lots of games ?

Since I use English as the display language, each time when I would like to check some of my Japanese games' completion status, I need to scroll and scroll, down to the very bottom of the page. I know that there's an elevator button so that I could get back to the top, but would a page navigation bar be... better?

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Not in my opinion. I like having one long list, it's aesthetically pleasing. I like not having to click from page to page and wait while each loads, also trying to guess which page a game might land on.


I can understand people with tonnes of games who want to check the earliest games on their list, that is probably the only time a navigation bar would be beneficial.


Would it save that much time though? The PSN game updates 100 games at a time when you reach the bottom.

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I guess it could be an option in the website settings. Users would be divided between scrolling through the list or using pagination anyways.

I'd prefer the paginated style because it would be easier to extract information with scripts: scrolling through is annoying when you have a long one with thousands of games and the info only loads when you hit the bottom

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