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Weapon Proficiency Farming with a Turbo AFK


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1 hour ago, DeathShadoow said:

Is it possible to track down the 180,000 Proficiency in game? as i dont know how much i have with each weapon.

It's under your status in the touch pad menu. Press r1 or r2 to swap pages and it shows all the weapons proficiencies. 

3 hours ago, Hakoom said:

Just ordered it. This one seems better than my current one. Thanks. 

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2 hours ago, tjoe1bkhjtqxm said:

Hakoom are you aware of any other game where the Turbo controller method can be useful for trophies? 


So I can consider to buy it or not, I like Souls-like games and I don't mind at all grinding 


only games where you need to retry and farm the same spot over and over

i sometimes used them in PES games and fighting games and some other games where you need to mash 1 button.. cant remember names..

but those controllers are required for every trophy hunter

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Thanks, I have been looking into a turbo controller. 100% gonna get one now.


I've seen some other forums talking about a remote play macro app, I think it sends button presses over the remote play app. I think I saw it on the dungeon and dragons idle game forum. What is the consensus on stuff like that? Is it cheating? Is it something that could get you PSN banned?

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