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"The Revolution is Coming" & "Become Operational" trophy


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First, don't use forums for boosting sessions. You have to use the following link to do this: https://psnprofiles.com/sessions If you see that nobody's joining, just edit your session and keep updating every week until you get enough people.


Second, i got this trophy a month ago, just playing in public. I've found a server playing it with many people, and luckily nobody left until match ended. Just keep trying and don't desperate, this game isn't too old and i don't think it will close early.

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1 minute ago, AN0n1m8 said:

首先,不要使用论坛来增加会议次数。您必须使用以下链接来执行此操作:https//psnprofiles.com/sessions  如果您看到没有人加入,只需编辑您的会话并每周更新一次,直到有足够的人。



ok,i'm sorry. don't know how to use thanks for the help! I will write on sessions. 

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