Help with multiple fish hunts?

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I'm working towards the trophy for completing every hunt. I'm at around rank 7 or 8 now, and the hunts that require catching multiples of a single fish are proving to be a huge roadblock. I typically have no trouble with the single fish hunts, as I can usually get the fish needed to bite very quickly. However, in multi-fish hunts, the targeted fish often refuse to bite, even with the right lure. I'll cast into the zone they're tied to, and I easily catch other fish there (some fish even bite instantly when I hit the zone), but catching each one of the necessary fish is extremely difficult; I often find myself casting into the same zone for several minutes without a bite, and if they do bite it feels completely at random. Has anyone else experienced this? What can I do to make these hunts easier, when I have no problem with single fish hunts?


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