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This is my first time playing any game in the Langrisser series on console and I don't understand how to get the secret scenarios in Langrisser II, such as the one that branches off Scenario 6. All the information I found online was for old versions of the game. As far as I can tell (please correct me if this is wrong), the secret tiles aren't in this version of the game, which seemed to be the old way of unlocking them. So how do I reach them?

Edit 1: Found this thread on GameFAQs. Haven't tried it yet, so I'll post here once I'm able to confirm/deny if it works.


Edit 2: Ok, so ignore the first three steps in the link I posted. Those are answering someone's question about getting route E. The screenshot is where you need to go for two of the three secret stages. Stage 8 is basically the same regardless of which route you're on, except that the secret spot takes you to two separate stages. The third (well, first) secret stage stems out of stage 6 and I haven't found that spot yet, but I doubt it'll be hard, so I'll update this post again when I figure it out. When you're on the correct tile, Elwin will say he wonders where it goes and that they'll find out later. Once he's there, leave him there and finish the stage. At the end of the scene, Elwin will be curious about the door and you can choose to investigate it, taking you to the extra stage. At least, that's what I can confirm for light path stage 8 as I haven't done the others yet.

Edit 3: For the secret stage after stage 6, touch the headless statue and flip the switch. It'll open a door on the left. Approach the door for Elwin to comment on it and finish the stage while he stands there. Again, select to enter the door at the end of the post-level cutscene. That should be about it. Hopefully this helps someone.

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