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MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT? Or not? (stream compliation)


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This thread isn't meant to start a debate or not. lol.


It's just my regular thread I make when I start doing streams of whatever PS4 game I'm playing at the time. Which is currently this one.


Everyone says this game is a MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT. In some ways... I see it, but in other ways... I don't.


Moogles being the only Final Fantasy character(s) in the game is definitely a negative for me. The story has also been 'blah' so far. However... the battles are really fun and the areas, and the game in general, look really nice.


However... in the Toy Story world I got lost too easily, too quickly, and too often and the mech enemies were borderline ridiculous. Regardless... I'm am still enjoying this game quite a bit.


Here's the first one, of the Toy Story world and the TROLL FINAL FANTASY VERSUS XIII-esque trailer that plays at the beginning of it.



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I finally fixed my audio issues for good. Yay. I guess. I was too worried about getting lost in Pirates of the Caribbean and Big Hero 6 world so I streamed Frozen world. Even though I've never watched the movie and I've heard it's the worst in the game.


It's... okay so far. I guess. It's just... WHY WOULD KINGDOM HEARTS DO THIS?! SERIOUSLY?! Kingdom Hearts version of Let It Go. Can't unhear. Send help. ?


Shockingly the YouTube version is okay. For now. I don't know for how long though. Stupid Let It Go. If it gets removed... I honestly don't know what I'll do. Well... here it is regardless.



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