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I’ve recently started playing the campaign in this game, going from the very first Karting Dicipline, and working my way up to LMP1 (i just started season 3, continental gt3). From the calender in this game, I have the option to press triangle and that way jump to my next event, optionally I could press square and «jump to today» and do invitational events (Look at picture above). I was wondering if I mess up anything trophy-wise by skipping these invitational events? Up to this point I’ve done every event with the exception of one I accidentally skipped. I wouldn’t like to mess up any of the trophies during this timeconsuming platinum. I couldn’t find anything on the trophyguide from playstationtrohies. org regarding this. Skipping invitational events will make this plat a lot quicker I would assume. Hopefully someone knows  whether or not I'll have to do these invitaional events. Thx in advance

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to get the trophy for getting to LMP1 in 10 seasons you can just do the events that are required in your current chosen car class


You will probably need to do a few of the invitational later especially the le mans 24 hr but to get you through to the LMP1 season you can just skip away


Once you have the main gold trophy list done then you can carry on in same career and play a full season of the invitationals if you like. Once you have an invitation it will appear each year whether you drive it or not.



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