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Centurion question


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4 minutes ago, Kaldunaa said:

So let me get this straight, if you at least play let's say 5-10 matches with your buddies, and play rest 90 matches with bots, will it count for the trophy? thanks

Yes, that is correct. Bot matches count for the trophy, most rophies can be gotten in bot matches as well, if you need them.

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2 minutes ago, Kaldunaa said:

Nice. As far as I know it doesn't need online pass right? 

Thankfuly no, you can use a used copy of the game and it will work fine. You just need to purchase the Botzone Soldier Training "expansion" in order to play with bots.

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13 minutes ago, Kaldunaa said:

Ouch, I'm getting British copy :S and I've US account. I suppose this will be a problem. 

Might be. When you get the game, theck the ID of the cartridge (for example mine is PCSF-00403. Go to the PS Store on PC, log in a look at the DLC in your store, if you take a peek at the URL, it will include the ID of the game, if the URL ID matches your game ID you're good. Otherwise I know there is workaround to get things from different account to work on your Vita while you play on your main, but I've never tried it.

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