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"My Kung Fu Is Stronger" heads up!!


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I have a fair bit of progress with the My Kung Fu Is Stronger trophy, and after a time of doing multiple fatalities on my second controller in VS mode, I went to Nekropolis only to find all of my stats for every character are at zero. I thought it was a glitch and backed out and went back in only to have my stats still at zero. I borderline freaked out, and loaded VS mode. That is when I realized I was holding my second controller. I felt relieved until I went back to Nekropolis to see that my stats were STILL at zero. I had to enter VS mode with my first controller and go back again in order to get my stats to show up. I haven't seen any other forum where someone said this has happened to them, so I am making this statement here: please make sure you enter Nekropolis with your first remote, or otherwise you won't see your real stats and could possibly lose all progress towards the trophy.

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