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Overall thoughts on the game


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So, at the final boss during my initial run, doing hard mode no subweapons on bosses, and... I just can't say I've had fun against the bosses. The rest of the game has had its grievances, for sure, some of the enemy design is just beyond stupid. But it's the bosses that tends to be the most rewarding aspects of these kinds of games, the first one did that pretty okay (though it did have similar problems). In this game however, either you break the boss by using the weapon fairy (doesn't work for all bosses, granted, sadly not for the final boss) or you have one hell of a time trying to learn the fight, let alone beat it. Some bosses in particular have me scratching my head thinking how to even do "legit" without the fairy (like Anu and Hel) but yeah, for anyone struggling, if you can get the weapon fairy, use it for every boss, it helps. Some fights it even handles on its own.


So, now to the final boss... It's just a mess. Several phases of poorly telegraphed attacks with RNG that often will ensure you get hit, and the boss does way too much damage for this to be a feasible war of attrition. Phase 3 in particular essentially forces me to take 100-200 damage minimum, and that's with the cheese fairy strat I've found. The final phase then, the actual fight, I have too little health to properly fight and learn all patterns... All in all, I am unsure when I'll beat it, but I'm not sure I'll feel happy/accomplished when I do. Because a victory at this stage feels like it will depend on RNG being with me too much for me to wanna credit it to skill.

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I played the first game on Steam and it felt nearly impossible without a guide. The obscure puzzles that required extensive note taking or the use of the aforementioned guide sapped a lot of the fun out if it. I still kind of enjoyed it but not sure if I want to bother with the sequel. 

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