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Suggestion: Automatically flag completions under a certain time

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Recently I've been noticing a lot more impossible completion times at the top of the leaderboards, especially on Vita games. I can only manually flag so many, and only for certain (but strangely not all) games that I've personally played. I'm not sure how feasible it would be to implement, but I think it would be helpful to automatically flag game completions under a certain time for review-- say, under a minute. There are certain games for which those times are possible legitimately, like Sound Shapes or Sly 4 with cross-save, but those are relatively few and could in theory be whitelisted. Just as examples, Assassin's Creed III Liberation, Super Meat Boy, Terraria, and Titan Souls all currently have impossible sub-minute completions at the top of their leaderboards.

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This already exists for PS3 games, with certain titles excluded. It is not implemented for Vita or PS4.


Those sub 1-minute times only generally stay up for a day and are then usually someone else comes in and replaces them. 

After examining this for a while, there are a bunch of games in common on these accounts. I bet a list of about 15 titles, that if screened for on new updates would catch most if not all of these profile with hundreds of games under a minute.


Sly controls the screening algorithm, it’d be up to him to refine it. 

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25 minutes ago, DaivRules said:

It is not implemented for Vita or PS4.


All those failed cross-region VIta trick plats are everywhere.


@B1rvine Y'all should add a few more people to help (even if they're not officially part of CRT)

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If that is ever implemented it would also make sense to autoflag games based on the date when certain trophies were earned. I noticed quite a few games where online trophies were earned after the server shutdown date.

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