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How To Circumvent The Bad Aim Mechanics?

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Hey guys,


I really like to play GTA VC I played it on PC a decade ago too, the thing is on PC you can aim freely with the mouse so its easy to play the game,but on console you either have the stupid auto aim or the garbage "free aim" with the weird camera and very difficult controls (cant adjust sensitivity).

Do you have any tips? Would a mouse and keyboard adapter fix this? 

I cant progress with the game as the horrible aim mechanics present an obstacle :(


Edit: I tried with sincerity to play this game "normally" but i figured since Health,Armor and Wanted Level Cheats dont disable trophies, i will play with the cheats to get through the game lol.now its about dropping those buttons combos real quick in spicy situations.


Happy Playing everybody

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You're gonna have to use auto aim in most of the gunfights but what you can do is toggle between targets while aiming by pressing L2 and R2, which makes it easier to kill multiple people. Also you can hold the L1 button while moving the left stick to make the camera move in your direction. Its a pain to adjust to these controls but eventually you'll start getting the hang of it. 


Not sure about a mouse and keyboard adapter, it probably won't work and it's probably not worth buying for one game. 

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