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Alright. So I've been playing for... (guess-ta-mating here) 15+ hours. Rogue Rannie and I have been through the thick and the thin. Enjoying the spoils as we adventure through Hydeland. Us two inseparable companions have leveled up from mere cannon fodder to Dragons Crowns own, self proclaimed (to use Stone Cold Steve Austins catchphrase) Toughest S.O.B's.  But I hate to start nibbing at that fame by betraying my own companion. Ronnie is just so damn slow. I drop gold by the gallons slaying skeleton knights, zombies, orcs, etc. But there I am, doing Ronnies job for him. I think he's depressed or something. Even his catchphrase seems a little moody. "filthy lucre". Am I crazy?





"That's the Bottom Line Cause Stone Cold Said So!"

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Lucre actually means money, and he tends to say it when he grabs the items/coins that you missed. I didn't know what it meant either, since it used in everyday speech where I live. The deffinition is "Money, esp. when regarded as sordid or distasteful or gained in a dishonorable way." He's just happy he gets all the crap that you don't get, and in the intro it says that he's just exploiting you to get a lot of money.

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