Can I Get An Honest Review Please From People On Here That Have Played This Game?

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The reason I posted this new thread is because quite frankly I'm just finding it harder and harder to find a review on YouTube from someone who DOESN'T constantly get free game codes handed to them for that whole "review purposes" bullshit. I do not trust any reviewer like this. I honestly do believe that most often (though I can't actually prove this, just common sense and intuition to be honest) these reviewers will suck the developer's assholes dry and praise the game from the mountaintops just to keep those free game codes coming in (if you don't think this actually happens than I'm sorry but you're naive). Is every reviewer like this? Nah, I doubt that very much. BUT! It's figuring out who is and who isn't that's the problem.

So, yeah, enough of my rambling (and conspiracy theories rofl.gif). I'd love to read your thoughts, opinions - whatever you'd like to share - on this game. Thanks man and stay safe from that horrible disease spreading all over the world!


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I really liked this game. Once you manage to get the hang of the locomotion controls (with Moves), you really feel immersed. Aiming is pretty intuitive and precise, however it might require you to set up your camera higher up than normal to aim properly. The only tracking issues I can recall were aiming down the sight of the sniper rifle and sometimes a bit of drift.


The story is ok, nothing too crazy. I mean, it's a zombie story, temper your expectations accordingly. It is on the shorter side.

It's got its sense of humour and there are a couple of moments I lol'd pretty hard at the main character's quips.

The graphics (even on PS4 Pro) are not the best in PSVR, but they are good enough and lets you distinguish a zombie from pretty far away. I have seen much worse than this.

There are several possible glitches with collision detection, where you might get stuck on a rock on the ground and cannot move, which might mean death if a zombie is following you. (One of these is right before the first store you have to go inside, there are a couple of rocks on the path to the front door that you might want to avoid).

You need to have some VR legs in order to not get motion sick playing this, though.


The platinum for this game seems difficult but really only the hard play through and horde mode can give you a bit of a bad time, but it's perfectly doable if you take your time and use the environment to protect yourself against the hordes.


I bought this game on a sale for 11€ because I thought 40€ to be pretty steep after watching some gameplay, however, I think I would have easily paid 20€ for the amount of fun I had with it.


I can recommend this game 👍


Disclaimer: In VR I am pretty easy to please. I like the immersion, and innovative and different gameplay in my VR games and the locomotion in this game with the Moves won me over. 


Regarding your "conspiracy theories", let me pose a counter-argument. People that purchase a game, unless they feel utterly disappointed, could be choice-supportive biased 😉


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27 minutes ago, Soraking1991 said:

Regarding your "conspiracy theories", let me pose a counter-argument. People that purchase a game, unless they feel utterly disappointed, could be choice-supportive biased 1f609.png


Ha ha! Yup, that too. Thanks for taking the time to give your opinion on the game, I appreciate it a lot.


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The story technically is average, but for me though the immersion that VR gives you makes it better.

We all know the good old zombie scenario but this game was refreshing and fun to play.

The multiplayer is okay and maybe it's fun if you play with a friend. 

I will say that for now this is one of the most polished VR games I've played so far, using the sniper later in the game to pop some heads was fun. Thought I was Chris Kyle for a moment.


Just would also like to say that you can move freely or you can use the teleport feature. So because of this I adapted to the game better meaning no motion sickness.


I didn't find any glitches like Soraking mentioned but I think I'm only half through the game, if that. 


I agree with Soraking on the price. If you buy it for below 25£€$ it's a good deal, you are getting your moneys worth. 


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This is over one year late but here’s my experience: 

I played the game solo first on normal difficulty and thought it was ok. Pretty mediocre I’d say, like a 6/10. Then I decided to play it all over again in co op. Great decision. I played from start to finish with 1 person and was a solid 8/10 experience. We went on to play some horde mode in the same night and was pretty fun as well, with fun-ness depending on the map (some maps were too difficult for us two, so with 4 people it would probably be more fun). By then I was arizona sunshined out and took a few month break. I came back to try out apocalyptic difficulty, and it was pretty hard no doubt. After debating going through the entire campaign on this difficulty, I decided to try to speedrun it. So I found a bunch of strats and glitches and used them. Super fun. Made the apocalyptic grind a 8/10 as well, just as fun as co op.
Ive talked about the fun-ness scale a lot here because that’s what this game is all about. It doesnt really have any original concepts, but it just does everything pretty right. The story is feel good. It’s just a fun zombie killing experience. 

So, overall (tl;dr) the game is around a 7.5/10 in my opinion.


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