Sombrero trophy requirements are different in Gundemoniums against Elixirel Chesed

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Go to 12:00 for the fight against Elixirel Chesed to see what I'm talking about.


So this caused me great frustration and i only figured it out by accident after failing to destroy Elixirel Chesed like 30 times while trying to go for the 4th heart to get the Sombrero trophy.  In Gundemoniums, there's a subtle but huge difference in how to get the heart during a playthrough from Elixirel Chesed when trying to get the 4th heart for the trophy (you must get all 4 hearts during a single playthrough).  If you hit her with anything before her 4x forms merge into 2x forms, she'll be completely invincible until her 2x forms merge into her 1 single form.  In the other versions of the game if you shoot her 4x forms, you'll still be able to damage her when they merge into 2x forms.  She'll be invincible in Gundemoniums if you hit any of her 4x forms until she merges into a single form.  Skip to 12:00



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58 minutes ago, Vergil said:

Nice video! 

Thanks!  I did a ton of videos for Gundemoniums when I played it at the end of 2018. I didn't have wifi at the time so none of these were livestreams but rather videos saved and recorded from off of my PS4 Pro hard drive (i had to take my PS4 Pro upstairs and connect it directly to my computer to upload them, such a pain in the butt lol) so unfortunately the videos are only 30fps.


It took me days of trying to figure out why the heck i couldn't damage Elixirel Chesed when her 4x forms merged into 2x forms.  I was able to shoot her but i wouldn't do any damage and reduce her health bar, so i was like "WTF, why isn't this working?".  Just out of coincidence i didn't shoot her during one of my tries when she had 4x forms, then began to shoot her when her 2x forms appeared and her health bar actually went down.  Also you have to be careful not to hit her with the little barrier that appears around you when you use the slow motion ability (i forget what it's called).


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