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The future of trophy hunters?


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This is just hilarious trash toilet journalism at its finest - this article is written by someone who has no idea how this stuff works and has no intention to find out but wants to have an opinion on it anyway. The section further down in main header font - 'WHAT ARE MICHAEL'S AFFLICTIONS' is just pure ? also 'the gamer of the future' phrasing is priceless.


The entire article could have just been a single sentence and has nothing to do with gaming exclusively - don't sit on your arse all day, and if your hobbies entail you sitting on your arse for long periods of time, look after yourself and do some exercise regularly. That's any hobby - writing, drawing, watching TV, blogging. It's also quite a few careers too - YouTube video presenting/editing, streaming etc.

There is absolutely an agenda under all this by the Daily ShiteMail, it's just easier than usual to see because the child-like journalists aren't able to hide it under the crayon. 



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