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Your first ps4 trophy?


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Five years ago, I got my PS4 and the first trophy I recieved was...




"Hello World" which is from Watch Dogs! I never ended up completing this game but I played through, platinumed and enjoyed its second installment a bit more! ?

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A Sound Shapes trophy the day I got my PS4 which was on Christmas back in 2013, the first thing I did when I got my PS4 was cloud sync to obtain the PS4 version of the platinum back when cloud syncing was possible before the Sound Shapes servers shut down.

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Find a buried treasure.



This one from Assassin's Creed Black Flag IV was my first ever PS4 trophy. Didn't play for trophies back then, never went back to the game and so it sits pretty at 60%. Also funny that I got this before even finishing the first, quite short, memory sequence. Got that trophy 10 minutes later.

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