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Bolt Cutters & Lock Pick Bonuses


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What if they're meant for Carlos? In the hospital there's a couple of locks that require a lockpick. What if you can open them with Carlos? I very much doubt it since it would give Carlos access to an area earlier than Jill but you never know.


Also, there's a door in the lobby area with chains. Now this door doesn't indicate that it can be open (until a scripted event later) but what if by having the bolt cutters all of a sudden you can? 


Edit - Tried this just now. The items don't appear in the item box for Carlos so there goes my theory. However, i think the purpose of having these items earlier is to use them before Nemesis appears in harder difficulties. I'm watching a youtuber by the name Darkness and he's trying to beat Inferno somewhat legit (just using the Hot Dogger and the Samurai Edge) and he's died countless times trying to open locks with the lockpick and using the bolt cutters in the beginning area plus having to deal with Nemi. Of course, nothing that a little backtracking won't fix. So, like everyone is saying it just saves time.

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