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I just platinumed GTA IV.


Phew. That was work at times. But it’s satisfying to finally have my favorite GTA platinumed up after 100%ing it on my Xbox 12 years ago (where does the time go?!).  


I’m a longtime GTA player but couldn’t have done it without the PSNProfiles guide and @ProfBambam55s video walkthrough of Bomb Da Base II. Thanks dude! 👍


I wanted to post some tips that make some things from Prof’s video more overt since when playing you tend to take small details for granted.


Wanted - Rank 10
- The Host kills 7, 1, and then 5 enemies on the boat = 13 enemies =  $1300. Break it into sections in your head and then check your money as you go. 
- When the group of 5 spawn, kill them quickly, but conserve your ammo. You’ll need some to activate the glitch. Try for quick headshots. 

- Stay to the right of the path while on foot on the boat (before the kitchen, after landing heli).
- Touching the stairs in the boat’s kitchen ruins the glitch which is why you have the motorcycle. Don’t fall off. Don’t rush. 

- The motorcycle (NRG900) is used for multiple purposes. First it blocks off spawning sniper enemies from running to their sniper spot and it short circuits the AI. They just stand there when done right.

- The NRG900 also influences the “sweet spot” of spawning the enemies. If it’s not parked correctly along the steel(?) beam on the floor where the T section meets, sometimes the enemies won’t drop from the ceiling where you can squeeze off easy headshots.

- Getting into cover too far back and Pressing R3 means 2 enemies can/will spawn instead of 1 which makes things harder to manage and could result in loss of one of your lives. 

- After enabling Classic Mode in Menu > Controls, Press and Hold R3 (spawn 1 sniper) then tap Circle (shoot/kill) repeatedly. Your enemies will be floating in the air and you’ll be getting easy head shots until it’s time to reload. You’ll know if you’re doing this correctly as the cash register sounds go quickly it almost sounds like a casino slot machine. Also the screen will be doing a weird strobe effect. 

- Your Assistant / Friend (non-host) can return up the stairs with you after your first suicide / ammo respawn in case you or they want the backup. 

Fly The Co-Op - Time Trial

- Crash landing onto the ship can work great and shave off some time but a smoother landing or slower, more controlled crash to ensure 1-2+ teammates make it to the ship’s upper control deck to plant the 1st bomb might be the safest option.

- The lower hold / 2nd bomb glitch is to the left of the 12th container (marked by the letter 12 in white). Run and jump into this beam, NOT the center area, which occasionally causes you to get stuck in the ground or steel bars.


Nothing otherworldly here but perhaps will save you some time as you learn the ropes.


Hope it helps.


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The best and most efficient way to rank up fast is to grind kills on Happiness Island. Two people with DLCs are required but its worth it.


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