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Not being able to load into my new PSN name after months of changing it

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Months ago I changed my name from naimahmed2006 to Naim_54321 and now when I try to do the 1st step of this forum post:https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/73406-information-on-psn-id-name-changing-your-psnprofiles-account/

When I try the first step it tells me ‘Error A name change was processed for Naim_54321 recently. 24 hours must pass before attempting again.’ I’m allowed to log into my old account name but then when I try to sign into my new account name it gives me error 400. On my old account name my trophies on the website are showing hidden. Please help.

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1 minute ago, naimahmed2006 said:

So like log in as in try step 1 again or log in as in log in with my new name?


 After 24 hours type your new name in the search box on the main page, then click Update user. Afterward, you will be able to log in on the regular log in page with your new username and password. 

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