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New game plus save files


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I've just finished the game for the first time and started new game+, but I'm not so sure how it works in this game.


The save file for the first playthrough shows: 16 colossi defeated normal+(1), and the save file where I started ng+ shows: 0 colossi defeated normal+(0). What do those numbers inside the parentheses mean?


I want to maximize health and stamina, can I choose either save file?

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You can keep playing the through on your original game on the original difficulty, or start a new game plus with your save data which starts a new play through loop but saves all your stats(you can also repick the difficulty). As long as you pick the most recent save when you do new game plus you will always keep building your gauges. I ended up beating the first 2 colossus and then starting a new game over and over as this was the quickest way to max them out.

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