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This is a 2D side scroller adventure game and a rhythm game. You move through a 2D side scroller adventure with music puzzles and actual rhythm game mechanics for special story related encounters, with songs with text etc. Very cute game with a nice story. I think they spoiled some of the twists by shoving the foreshadowing a bit too hard. You control a bird who's grown up with other birds that doesn't really look like him, and now he wants to find his real parents / family. Lots of nice characters etc. It was a pleasure to play through.


Maybe you suck at both 2D side scroller and rhythm, but don't worry. I'm not sure you can even fail the rhythm stuff, and you can't really fail the side scroller stuff either, and nothing of it is too difficult.


Despite what a certain trophy guide says, there's no missable trophies. If you think there are, you're wrong. If you need help to find something you don't think is accessible anymore, see the very last portion of my video.


If it's your first playthrough and you just enjoy the story and take your time. It will take like around 6-7 hours, and far less if you skip all dialogue etc.


Complete playthrough if you need any help, or just want to look at what the gameplay is like.



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