Auto 20M Zeni Farm (No Turbo Controller)

By omnx-supak in DRAGON BALL FighterZ,
Hello everyone, I'm here to explain how to farm Zeni without a turbo controller for those that don't know how to do it.   First of all you need: Desktop/laptop. PS4 Remote Play Auto Keyboard Presser Stable internet (doesn't have to be super fast) Patience   After having all of that I will explain how it works. So Remote Play lets you use some keyboard keys as controller buttons. Arrows being . 'Enter' (or some call it 'Return') being the  button. With this you will remap your Medium Attack to  (it was previously ) then you can use Auto Keyboard Presser to spam the enter key. This way you will spam attack, kill the bot and automatically rematch. Earning 300 Zeni each match it is a slow process but if you are busy with something else you can leave your console idle and farm a lot of Zeni by doing nothing.   So let's start: 1st Step: Launch the game and click Play Offline Press Options, Scroll down to Options - Button Settings and remap Medium Attack to  (it was previously ) then go back to the lobby world. Press  and go to Local Battle - Talk to the guy - Begin Battle - Player 1. The Options are Battle Format 1vs.1, Time Limit 300 Seconds and CPU Strength 1. We are done here for now, now go to your computer.   2nd Step: I assume you have installed both applications already from up top. (IMPORTANT NOTE: If your internet is horrible, you can change the video resolution quality to Low 360p and Framerate Standard) Launch PS4 Remote Play App. Connect your Dualshock 4 to your machine using a micro USB cable. If you see the game screen on your computer, all good, time to move on to the next step.   3rd Step: Run the Auto Keyboard Presser.exe as an Administrator. (Right Mouse Click), then click yes. Auto Keyboard will open. So on the right you will see Time between presses you need to put 10 milliseconds. Right below that, make sure Repeat continuously is selected. On the top left you will see Start/Stop Hotkey. I recommend F1 then click set. Right next to it is Play Hotkey. I recommend F2 then click set. So now you will press F1 and after a countdown 3, 2, 1. Then click ONLY the Enter/Return key a few times. After you pressed it a few times click F1 again. You will now see Action 0 Key Pressed ENTER, etc. repeatedly (doesn't matter how many) Just make sure it only says ENTER and not ENTER (hold for 1, 2, 3 ,4 seconds.) If you mess up you can just press Clear on the top left. Now go back to Remote Play.   4th Step: On the select character, pick Hit and pick Android 16 as the bot. (Maybe there are better combinations.) Select any arena. Now just press F2 on your keyboard when you are on the PS4 Remote Play app. The actions should start and press Enter automatically on a loop. Since you remapped Medium Attack to X and Enter is X you will continuously repeat the attacks and rematch him again. Whenever you want to start/stop the auto pressing just press F2 or whatever Play Hotkey you selected.   This will be a grind around 10 days/24 hours depending on how much Zeni you previously earned. Some players will take longer some less but at least you can do this method while you are busy or whenever you are playing on another console.   I wish this helps on your grind journey. If you have any questions just message me down below. + thanks to @CaptainAskHole for creating his 20M Zeny with turbo controller thread as that is what inspired me to create a short guide on how to also achieve the auto farm but this time without a turbo controller since majority doesn't have one.
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