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Autokick to main menu after a few minutes of gameplay


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Is anyone else experiencing this?
Whenever I'm about 5-10 mins into a match and sometimes when I'm about to win the screen just fades out and I get kicked to the main menu, without claiming any rewards.

What's going on here, is it a glitch or am I doing something wrong? I'm 100% sure I'm not holding down square to finish the match, since that usually causes a bar to show up and I'm careful not to press that button at all.


Maybe it's because the servers are 2 months for shutdown and they're being unstable? It's not unheard of..

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10 hours ago, RNumbers said:

I had no issues at all. Is this AI matches, multiplayer, or both?

Have only done AI matches so far, but I suspect this will happen in other game modes too..

10 hours ago, EdinhoN said:

Me and my friend had that happening for us quite rarely, so if it happens often to you it's probably something in your side of the connection.

The servers are working pretty much ok aside a few glitches

Ok.. I'm suspecting that it's actually my router which is old and was giving me grief in some other games that are very sensitive to connection drops.
I'll probably replace it in the next few days..

So then this issue seems to be an issue with the client (player) connection being semi-unstable and the netcode for this game not supporting these kind of drops, unable to re-establish the connection the match just ends and kicks the player to the main menu. This is not on the server-side but I wish the netcode was a bit better to handle these kind of intermittent disconnects that some of us may experience.

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here's an update:
So I've set up my new router and now it works flawlessly without kicking me to the main menu.

Indeed it seems that it was a local connectivity issue, so anyone having this problem should resolve it at their end first as it doesn't seem to be a server-side issue as of 2020.05.04, about a month before the official shutdown date!

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