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What a mess.

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Man, there is a hell of a lot of glitchy trophies in this game. Act 3 didn't pop, point of no return didn't pop, killing a Behemoth didn't pop, expert marksman took well over 20 tries to pop, back in the purple took 10 or so tries, every there trophy took 60 seconds to come to the screen and sometimes the main menu when I went to quit out of the game. I might have to call this one a loss as it seems no one else seems to be having the same issues I am. I'll wait and see what Ubisoft Support have to say because this is fucking ridiculous. Also, I've been playing solo, the game is on the most recent update, I followed the missions one after the other with no skipping and I repeated the missions to see if I could get them to work with no joy.

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The only trophies i had problems with was, the one where you had to land from a parachute and kill someone within 5 seconds, and the one where you had to get 2 headshots from 200 metres within 3 seconds. had to repeat those a couple of times and they would pop really late. But otherwise didn't have much problems with trophies popping. I also played in coop for the entire play through.


However this game is a dam mess, textures popping in like very late, while in a helicopter as a passenger the game would stutter and pause and for whatever reason ubisoft thought it was a great idea for there to be a drone that spawned like every 10 seconds or an enemy helicopter, making traversing the land an absolute chore.


While i did have fun, it was a massive step back compared to Wildlands. 

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