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Anyone else having issues with PS store on browser? (Chrome)


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I can login but if i check a game i already own i can still buy it instead of it saying "purchased" in blue, happens to about 50% of my owned games. My wishlist is gone aswell as in there is no link to it anymore. 

Also can't search the store since it thinks i'm not logged in. Tried relogging via "https://account.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com/" since i can't log out from the store.

Tried deleteing cookies and also tried different browsers but i still have this issue. Also Shift - F5 refresh. 


On my console everything is working as intended.




As you can see i never seem to be logged in. No wishlist and my name is not there anymore and clicking search "SÖK" does nothing.

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2 minutes ago, Demon133Slayer said:

I have the same problem, but on safari, it says that current version of the browser is not supported for some reason. On opera everything works fine.


Tried Explorer, Firefox and chrome but they all have the same issue. Guess this is an issue where we just have to wait for it to be fixed.

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Hi. It's a massive shame in their ignorance. I had the same problem for a while and, as a web developer ? only today came up with a solution...


In Chrome, load the PS site. Press F12 to open code inspector and then Ctrl+Shift+M to run page in device emulator - current page should display differently and you'll see a toolbar above it where you can select a (mobile) device you want to emulate.


This worked for me perfectly. Good luck!

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