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Gold Crowns - Events


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I've been doing a lot of reading on this forums in regards to the gold crowns as I'm coming to a point of farming them. Events were said to be the best way to get them and a google doc sheet that I found that someone very kindly shared stated that they got the Great Jagras from the Deep, Green, Blue event. I noticed this event is still within the event sections on the board. Will this yield me the same higher chances like it did back in 2018 or not?

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You mean the one from "The Greatest Jagras" quest?


EDIT: Found some info about it, and there's other quests with guaranteed Glod Crowns. I obtained some last week by doing some of these, so it's worth checking out:




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There are crown events for every monster excluding Black Diablos (although now there is an event in Master Rank) and the 5 elder dragons. These are the most B-S RNG trophies I've ever seen. People have had to farm hundreds of monsters for the crowns they need, and this game is the only platinum that I've ever just straight given-up on. Enjoy

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