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Fallout 76 micro transactions 2020


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The most egregious ones are the repair kits. You can buy these to repair your weapons so you don't have to farm for materials to repair them. You can also get FO 1st, which will allow you to use a private server (unlooted) and an unlimited stash box, which means your materials won't take up space in your camp stash. Which will allow you to farm for materials for making ammo or farming for specific plans/weapons easier since no one else is in the world.


*Resists urge to totally shit on BGS for these practices*

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2 hours ago, Gefro-On-Defro said:

Is there pay to win aspects? What can I pay for (if I wanted to) to make the game quicker and easier to finish? 


Unless you want to waste money on repair kits? But I don't know how that would help you win lol.

It's easy to find the scrap you need to repair guns and armor. And with perk cards you can repair them to 200%.

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It really isn't for the most part. To my knowledge there are only 5 things, maybe 6 that impact game play. Of those only one impacts actual combat potentially

1) Scrap Kits (you can get these free over time by just playing) - These allow you to scrap your junk and automatically send it back to your stash. Not sure about most people but this is practically useless to me as my stash is almost always at 95%+ full so junking a bunch of stuff and sending back to my stash isn't an option unless it allows you to go over stash limit temporarily.

2) Repair Kits - These allow repairs in the field without mats. I have about 20+ of these and have never used one. You can get them free by playing over time as rewards and they pass them out from time to time. Also like previous poster said you can get perk cards to repair gear to 200% of normal durability which saves repairs costs 50%. (Think armor one is Fix it Good and Weapon is Weapon Master both in INT, also for armor you can get White Knight (I think) under Agility if I recall which reduces cost to repair by up to 60%, there is also a power armor perk card but I don't recall the name). In the end the only thing I really needed to farm was ballistic fiber for armor and with White Knight I no longer have to farm at all.

3) Scrap Bot - This is a camp item where a robot collects scrap over time. Yes this is free scrap for Atoms, but honestly it is like 700 atoms which can be earned via in game activity for free I don't see this as game breaking since everyone can get it fairly easily.

4) Fridge - Camp item that makes food spoil slower. This one also costs I think 700 atoms so once again anyone can get over time for free. With that said I haven't seen it in the Atom store last time I checked so it may have been removed. Even if only a few people have it I don't see it as an issue at all. I have a small garden at my C.A.M.P. and just by playing each day I am able to make more food/drink from stuff I pick up I end up selling left overs. In very few cases it might be nice to store a rare meat or plant but if that is the case you can get a fridge backpack via Possum tokens and you can use the perk to make food spoil slower which supposedly works better than the fridge.

5) With the Wastelanders "expansion" they added for $19.99 each or $29.99 for both a planting item for your C.A.M.P. I haven't seen anything about the actual functionality of it but it might allow planting actual crops in it. This only impacts functionality in your C.A.M.P. and the only reason I mention it is because it is only available via actual money. Not Atom purchase option available.

6) 1st Subscription. This is the only real potential "pay to win" type functionality. It provides two things that impact gameplay. Remote Camp - This can save caps since you get a free waypoint on the map but is mainly just a minor time savings. The big issue is the unlimited Stash for junk. This can actually impact individual players game play because it allows you to do things like store more weapons/ammo/etc. since you no longer need to store junk in your actual stash. It also saves a decent amount of time if you are a hoarder like me in that you just fill up go to your camp and stash everything. Prior to that I would play the mini game of bulking extra items to sell to the vendor. Now I just stash and go. Also it allowed me to free up a couple of perk points that I was able to use for more damage for my character since I'm not carrying as much stuff around on my actual character.


Hope this helped.

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