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Does anyone know if you need to buy the top engine in 5 different cars or categories? I've bought the best engine for one H1 car, one Rally GT and three RX Super 1600s but the trophy did not unlock. I'm guessing I need five cars in five different categories or is this trophy glitched?


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13 minutes ago, ph0nix123 said:

The trophy is buggy, from memory try buying one of the lower engines again and then change back to the top engine. I did have a little trouble unlocking the trophy. I used this to help me get the trophy.


Thanks that worked for me! 👍


For anyone that goes through the same issue: I had to apply the first engine and the best one 4-6 times and I tried going out of the garage menu so the "Communicating with server..." message would show up, eventually the game crashed, my PS4 froze on the error screen but when I came back and applied the best engine again it popped.

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