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Played this a few times and discovered this, better share it while I remember. One of the first weapons you'll probably (or at least hopefully) get is the MLRA (missile). This weapon is a measly level 1. Once you have this one proceed to mission 6, Air Force. You'll be able to do this mission easily with this weapon up to hardest, which can yield weapons up to at least level 46. I don't know if it can provide slightly higher ones, there's no information on drops for EDF 3P on the japanese wikis. Just don't stay still, walk around the central fountain if necessary. Even if the NPCs die towards the end it's still easy to finish, I've never failed a single time, and started doing this with less than 300 armor. At the beginning or between the 3 waves use the missiles to destroy the gray bridges around the area to make it easier to pick armor and weapon boxes.

With weapons up to 46 at least all Easy and Normal will be a breeze. Even hard is not difficult.

There are other levels feasible for farming down the way, but nothing even remotely as easy peasy as this one.

Switch off "Camera effect" on Game Setttings - > Player Settings, this will help too.

Have fun.


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