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Layton 7... Yes, I'm in the right section posting here.


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What the actual fuc*, Level 5? This looks like a Facebook game. Layton is dead to me.

And what's with it being on iPhone/Android? It's coming to the 3DS too, but I thought Nintendo had the rights to it?

This is Skylanders all over again! (Maybe slightly worse, since Spyro was already dead by that point. This series was still going strong. 'Till this.

The zombie is also pretty worrying.... Is it there to symbolize the death of the franchise?

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I know of those games, my sister's a big fan, but seriously that picture doesn't look anything like it.. where is Layton? Or those just NPCs?


I don't recognize any NPCs in that from past games (and I've played all 6 multiple times).

The one second from the left on the post looks like Graham from Unwound Future though.

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