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Another way of getting headshots (Sniper trophy)


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Along with the usual ways of getting headshots (hitting distant enemies, shooting unconscious enemies and doing a point blank shot on surrendering enemies), I've found a somewhat reliable other way of getting headshots.


Basically, with good enough plate armour/protection, it is possible to kite enemies and score a headshot when they're right in front of you. Drawing arrows doesn't seem to be interrupted by enemies hitting you, so you can nock an arrow, wait for the enemy to stop moving and then try for a headshot. 


The armour is a must here as you're bound to take a few hits while drawing arrows, but I've managed to take out the last camp for the Interlopers quest using this method, without too much health depletion. I had the full Lords of Leipa set from the tourney, which did need a bit of repairing afterwards, but I thought the +6 new headshots well worth it!

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