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It's another LEGO game, but one of the better ones IMO. It's based around The Incredibles movies, which makes for a nice LEGO game, since there's so many super heroes with different powers etc. There's also a big city with plenty to do and always some crime to stop etc. One of the more unique things in this game is the different districts being under attack, and how that takes you through some unique quests to help rid that districts of some new villains, ultimately usually ending up with a boss fight. There's also references and characters from other Pixar movies. Many places in the city has like these constructions/buildings you can build with special lego blocks you pick up from all around the city, which are some references to one of the other Pixar movies. Sometimes during levels you may see some references as well, which I thought was nice. I actually quite liked the levels, rather varied and rarely boring. My biggest issue with the game is the lack of a "restart level" option, which can be super frustrating in a couple of places, because the few load screens in the game are horrible. There's no need for multiple controllers to 100% it, and I got no idea if any trophies are glitched if you earn stuff with a second player, but it's probably a nice co op game as well.


If you're into LEGO games, this is a good one IMO.


Here's a playlist of a complete playthrough of it, in case you need any help or wonder what it's like etc:



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I can not wait to get around to playing  it along with DC Super Villains. I am trying to take a little break from LEGO games as most of my platinum trophies come from LEGO games. If only I could just sit at home and have no life at all 😂


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