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This is a top-down game with twin stick shooter controls, but plays more like a mix of early PC action RPG where you equip weapons and magic, and level up etc, but also light real time strategy where you control an army fighting enemies trying to take over areas. You're an undead necromancer who can take control over the undead and command them to kill the living. You fight your way through new areas, exploring them for secrets and loot. You also unlock different ways to upgrade your "crypt", which is where you end up whenever you die. There you can summon enemies you've killed enough of throughout your journey. You can also buy and upgrade stores selling you random stuff. Mid-game I found some location that for some strange reason always kept spawning lots of loot whenever I visited. I found that super strange, but I used to place to level up quite a lot while knocking out misc trophies and getting some good equipment. The rest of the game felt like a cake walk afterwards. With lots of coins you can awake special bosses you've killed too. Some might find the game a bit repetitive after a while, but I enjoyed playing it and so it wasn't really that bad. One trophy worth paying attention to is the kill 3 enemies with a single scythe attack, leave some early enemies alive to kill them later, or you might find yourself struggling to get it later. Alternatively you can wait until NG+, because the game has that, even though not required for platinum. Even if the latter stuff became a bit too easy since I exploited something, I found the game to have a decent challenge level overall, and often planning attacks made a huge difference.


Many of you may know the developer, 10tons, which usually make rather addictive solid indie games. Like most of their other stuff, perhaps overly long, but solid experience the entire way, with plenty of room to continue to play the game long after the platinum.


Should you buy the game? Well, depends on if you think you'll enjoy the gameplay. I personally found it rather relaxing and addictive. It will likely take you around 10-20 hours, and with just enough time, you'll make it just fine.


Here's a complete playthrough of the game, so you an see what it's like and if you struggle with anything. The exploit I found and how I exploited it can be found a bit before 1 hour and 30 minutes mark in the 3rd video. I spend the rest of that video grinding it.




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