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Hi all,


There I was, just after finishing the Beyond mission and now on New Beginnings. All my stuff was wrecked, and I need that wire loom stuff. Costs a frikkin fortune but sometimes you get Nexus missions which gives a very juicy 15 for completing whatever mission they're offered with. Anyway, I lucked out and none had it so I just did some other missions in hope to gain some money. 


Then when I was done I wanted to go off and make a manual save, but as I left the Anomaly it spat me into a warp and when I came out I was in this huge frikkin battle against space pirates (worst kind if you ask me). I saved the day and the admiral invited me to there ship. Was buzzing because never saw the inside of one yet. Anyway I spoke with him..... NOW I OWN A FRIKKIN FREIGHTER.... FOR FREE!!!! :D:P:o:D 


So I built the command room, installed my own manual save gizmo in there too... oh yes. Then it asked me to do a mission, I started one and it said it would take an hour but I don't have a frikkin clue what is going on. It asked how many ships I wanted to send, so I take it you can own more than one freighter? Other than these timed missions, is there any other use to the freighters



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