is the platinum obtainable ?

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28 minutes ago, Messknecht said:

as far as I remember you can get it from a native in your group that dies after a wound was infected and not treated. he/she will give you an amulet and the quest to return it to his/her family in the village. 


btw. congratulations to your progression  in this great, grindy game 




Great!. Thanks for the heads up, I will try it that way.


And yeah I clearly underestimated the amount of grind needed to plat the game. Without the quick save and reload gimmick this would be barely possible. The first 10 hours were fun, after that it gets quite tedious.


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Messknecht is correct.  You want to recruit a native, fight an animal, wait for native to get hurt, then keep walking around until the native dies of the infection.


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