Skip to Riven and cheese the fight (easy last wish raid completion)

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Probably many of you know about that but since I didn't see a topic regarding it, I made one for new players.


Skip to Riven


So when the raid starts you can actually go to the Wall of Wishes and input the symbols of Wish 7. After that step on the plate. All players will die and you will be teleported to the boss fight.



Cheese the fight


So currently the swords in the game are doing great damage (it may change in the future through a patch). You will actually need 5 players to have a sword with the whirlwind blade perk (legendary, fully masteworked and with a boss spec mod will be better) and the 6th person to have the heavy exotic shotgun Tractor Canon. Also a Titan with a bubble and a Warlock with a rift. When you go down through the hatches, all 6 players must go to the room that Riven will spawn (there are two rooms she may spawn). Clear the enemies there and go to the left side. When she spawns in, the Titan and the Warlock use their supers and the 5 players with the swords must keep using the R1 attack (light attack) and the player with the shotgun should shoot between 2-3 seconds from each shot. See the video below:



After that you will have to run up the ascedant plane (one player has to reach the top). Then you will be teleported back to Riven when you can finish her off quite easily. After that you just go inside her through her mouth and reach and shoot her heart. There is a last part of the raid where you have to complete the Queenswalk but it is not that hard and there are countless videos for it, so I'm not posting anything. After that, you will get your trophy!

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