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In the mail list it shows I’ve got 100% I’m assuming that means I’ve supposedly seen all the mail, but I never got the trophy for reading all of Mayuri’s mail anyone know what I could do without starting from scratch?


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I had a similar problem. I'd read all mails but didn't get the one for Moeka reading all mails. Turns out there's one in the common route that you ONLY SEE if you don't open and read her other messages to you.

How'd I find this? Press the options button. Then "Mail list". There's one for each route, including common route. Click R1 to navigate between them all. There'll be a "???" for any missing, and they're in chronological order.

If all of these say 100%, my guess would be you're missing out on reading one of the messages that's preloaded on your phone when you start the game. Open all of these again and press X, some have attachments that need to be seen as well, if you use O to exit, it may not count as reading it all the way even if the little mail icon indicates it's been read.
Finally for Mayuri in particular she sends you attachments... make sure you've opened all of these, because again, it may mark you as having seen it even when you haven't done so. Good luck.


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