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Hello everyone! I will try to keep this updated, Recommendations are always welcomed!


About me: I'm more of a trophy hunter than a platinum hunter, which is why I will go back to games with closed servers to squeeze every last ounce of virtual bling out of them. My own profile was started in 2014, but I only started going for trophies starting 15 june of 2016. I transfer back and forth, with the PS4 and Vita on one site, and the PS3 on the other. While I have all three consoles, I limit myself to my own region (which is Europe). Title is just for Alliterative Appeal. I'm a bit of a JRPG fan, but started out as a Racing game fan. Sorry if my English is horrible, it's not my main language.



Games I'm working on

Games I've given up on

Games I have, but not played

Others already on my profile


Grid Autosport

The elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

2064: Read only Memories

Beyond Two Souls

Detroit: Become Human

Ducati 90th Anniversary


Fallen legion: Flames of rebellion

LEGO Ninjago the Movie the Video Game

Madden NFL 18

Monster Energy Supercross: the Official Videogame

NBA 2K13

Rogue Aces


The Crew 2

The Witness


Assetto Corsa: The game that can have oversteer and understeer at the same time. If I hadn't bought it, I would've been impressed.

Dirt Rally: You need to be a professional rally driver to complete this, and I wouldn't even qualify for the baby class.

Fallout 4: I've never met a game I've liked less than this one. It's not bad, It's just … So not my cup of tea.

Final Fantasy VII: I'm stuck. Already. Just made it passed don Corneo.

NHL 11: Pretty sure I'm better in real life than I am on this game. Then again, A dead person is better than I am.

Secret of Mana: I honestly thought I bought Chrono Trigger

Tour de France 2014: If the AI in this game ever become self-aware, expect me to be the first victim. Apparently Ji Cheng is a bigger threat than a combined effort from Phillipe Gilbert, Tony Martin and Vincenzo Nibali.


Batman: Arkham Knight

Bioshock: The collection (Don't know which games)

Borderlands: The Handsome collection (See above)

Bulletstorm: Full clip edition

Call of Duty: Modern warfare remastered

Call of Duty WWII

Carnival Island

Cities Skylines

Conan Exiles

Crash Bandicoot N sane Trilogy (every one of them)

Date a Live: Rio Reincarnation

Darksiders III


Destiny 2


Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and the Lion King

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age origins

Dragon Age 2

F1 2012

F1 2015

F1 2020

Farming Simulator 19


Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy Type-O

Final Fantasy X-2 HD

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Final Fantasy XV

Firewall Zero Hour

For Honor

Friday the 13th: The game

Goat Simulator

God Of war III Remastered



GTA Vice City


Harry Potter and the deathly hallows - Part 2

Heavy Rain

Hitman (2016)

Hitman Absolution

Horizon Chase Turbo


Injustice: Gods among us

Island Flight Simulator

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix

Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories

Knowledge is Power

L.A. Noire

Laser League

LEGO Harry Potter years 5-7 (VITA)

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Mafia III

Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns Of the Patriots

Metal Gear Solid V: The phantom Pain

Mirror's Edge

MLB: The Show 19

MotorStorm Apocalypse

Murdered Soul Suspect (PS3)

NBA 2K12

NBA 2K20

NBA Live 2015

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit

Need For speed Most Wanted

Need For speed Undercover

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the white Witch



Outlast 2


Playstation Move Heroes

Portal Knights

Quantum of Solace

Rayman Legends

Rebel Galaxy

Red dead Redemption

Ride 2

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Rocketbirds 2: Evolution


Saints Row IV

Saints Row: The third

Shadow of the Colossus

Sly 2: Band of Thieves HD

Sly 3: Honor among Thieves HD

Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus HD

Shift 2 unleashed

Sniper Elite 4

South Park: The stick of Truth (PS3)


Sonic Forces

Sonic Mania

Sports Champions

Spyro Reignited Trilogy (All of them)

Star Wars Battlefront II


Tales Of symphonia: Dawn of a New World

The bridge

The Crew

The last of Us Remastered

The SIms 4

the Surge

Titanfall 2

Trials Fusion

Tour de France (2011)

Tour de France 2012

Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection (All of Them)

Virtua Tennis 4

Watch Dogs


WipeOut HD

WipeOut Omega Collection



Yakuza Kiwami


007 Legends


Call of Duty: Black Ops

Dirt 2

Dirt 3

Dirt Rally 2

Dirt Showdown

Driveclub Bikes

Driver San Francisco

Ducktales Remastered

Dungeon Defenders 2

F1 2010

F1 2011

F1 2013

F1 2017

F1 2018






Final Fantasy X HD

Final Fantasy XIII


Gran Turismo 5

Gran Turismo Sport

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Grid 2

James Bond 007 Blood stone

Kingdom Hearts


Madden NFL 25

Mafia II


Modnation Racers

MotoGP 13

Motorcycle Club

Motorstorm: Pacific Rift

Nascar 14

NBA 2K11

NBA 2K14 

NBA 2K15 

NBA 2K16 (PS3)

NBA 2K16 (PS4)

NBA 2K17

NBA 2K18

NBA 2K19

Need for Speed the Run

Plague Inc Evolved

Project Cars

Project Cars 2

SBK Generations

Sega Mega drive Classics

Sonic Unleashed


Spintires Mudrunner

Star Ocean: The last Hope International

Tales of Symphonia

Tales of Zestiria

The adventures of Tintin: The secret of the Unicorn

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Game of the year Edition

Top Spin 4

Trackmania Turbo

Uncharted IV a Thiefs end

Virtua Tennis 2009

White Knight Chronicles II



Personal top 10 in categories


Easiest trophies:

These will be judged on trophy rarity, overall difficulty of the rest of the game and personal feeling. All of these can be earned by basically starting the game, to avoid a F rank. How nice of them.

10. Forgot to Heal (Dungeon Defenders: 49.61%)

Die. Just die. Never thought a trophy about being bad at the game could be so rare.

9. Unbound (Skyrim: 95.30%)

While it's possible to die here, the rest of the list isn't really all that easy, so this one is basically like a free trophy.

8. The death Wish of a Shady Man (Murdered: Soul Suspect: 95.35%)

First up, Die. Then follow a girl. How people don't have this one baffles me.

7. First Blood (Final Fantasy VII: 96.57%)

While you do have to beat some enemies, the battle is practically unloseable.

6. RMs Watch List (Plague Inc. Evolved: 96.30%)

The last one you actually have to do anything for, have your plague be discovered and deemed threatening enough. if this hasn't popped, there's something wrong with your strategy.

5. IRL Debut (Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight :96.71%)

After seeing the unmissable introduction, this will pop. "Rarer" than the the P5 counterpart

4.Ready to Party (Persona 5: Dancing in starlight: 97.52%) 

After seeing the unmissable introduction, this will pop. Less "rare" than the P3 counterpart.

3. Money Well Spent (SBK Generations: 98.92%)

This is basically unmissable, as you have to press start on the splash screen to actually start the game.

2. The last Starting Trophy (MUD: 99.35%)

Enter the main menu. That's it. Why don't you just give one for buying the game then!

1. Unexpected Surroundings (The legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel : 87.02%)

This game has every RPG trophy, such as complete the monster compendium, find every treasure chest, complete all quests, but also has some real humdingers like beating the game on nightmare. So it's unexpected that the first trophy is so easy (see second parameter). This will pop if you start up the game, the first time you gain control of your character. With the others in the series, you at least had to win a few battles first.


Hardest trophies:

This will be judged on various parameters: Trophy rarity, Personal feeling, and length. This site shows the rarest, but my rarest is from a game mode no one bothered with, and is extremely easy. No platinums here. 

10. Hardcore Risette fan (Persona 4 Golden: 12.54%)

Oh GOD, this is the grindiest trophy I have. Rise repeated the same line 7 times, while I still needed every other variation. I had to use a excel guide, to hunt for the different lines. I did everything the guide recommended, and 292 lines into the 250 line trophy, it finally popped. The only reason it isn't at number one, is due to the incredibly high rarity.

9. AMG Completionist (Driveclub AMG DLC: 6.16%) 

While the main game of Driveclub is easy, the DLC isn't. AMG was particuraly hellish. It's one of the shorter DLC's, but the races are difficult, with changing conditions, and it is the rarest DLC trophy on that game. Considering here are 101 DLC trophies, that's saying something.

8. Credit Where it's due (Driveclub: 5.88%)

This one is easy, but the grind is insane. However, due to it being so easy compared to 7, it ranks here. The last accolade I needed was the commitment, or something accolade, for completing enough races, so by the end, I didn't even have to win the races, which took 50 seconds. But you needed like 10.000.000 of them. This one lead to my first platinum, so it's still special.

7. A true legend (Grid Autosport: 5.43%)

This one is just weird. This career mode is really long, and the final event takes ages. You get a trophy for completing it, and one for winning it. The one for winning (this one) is a bronze. Once again length and rarity tip it over, as it isn't that hard, but the grind is insane.

6. Ticker Tape (2K14: 1.41%) 

Win a championship in association mode. While this can be done quickly, it's still a you still have to have a team which is good enough to get to the final, or get them there yourself. Not an easy task, due to Horrible luck in simulating on my part. Still definitely doable.

5. I've got what Rick Scott's got (Grid Autosport: 3.85%)

This one is extremely long. The career mode of Autosport is like 3 times as long as the one from Grid 2, and it shows. For this, you have to win every championship event twice (once on your own, and then with Ravenwest, which only unlocks if you won that particular event). The championships are all really long, and the road to it takes ages. It isn't that difficult, but Length and rarity tipped it over the edge.

4. 198 problems and domination IS one! (2K17: 4.09%)

This one was in Myteam, and is thus also unobtainable. Domination is a game mode where you would use your squad against real-life teams controlled by AI, and would have to reach enough points to complete it. After normal domination, you would then have to do the same thing against real-life historic teams. The historic teams were picked because they were really good. And at the end, you then had to play against the best from the eastern division, the western, and finally All-NBA. So with Jordan, Magic, Bird, Chamberlain (RIP), Bryant (RIP), and the list goes on. I wish I could say I got this without buying cards, but no. That's why it isn't number 1, due to me buying my way to victory. My team still wasn't great, but it wasn't horrible either.

3. Survive! (2K16: 1.27%) 

This one is unobtainable right now, as it was online only. Gauntlet was a game mode where you picked one player from your cards, and then drafted 2 more, and they were random. With that, you had to get to game 10. If you lost thrice, you were out, meaning the worst score you could make game 10 with, was 7-2, which was my score at that point. While I lost game 10, I did get the trophy, and it's my second rarest. Not bad, considering my lineup consisted of bronzes.

2. Epic master (Need for speed Shift: 5.68%)

The absolute longest one I have. You can make this easy by grinding online, but I didn't want to get involved in the online scene of this game, so that meant driving cleanly everywhere, getiing all the stars in career mode, and the list goes on. Its rather high rarity denies it the number 1 spot.

1.Five by Five (various 2K's) (2K11: 3.42%) (2K13: 1.85%) (2K14: 1.64%) (2K16: 1.94%)

Getting 5 of every stat in one game doesn't look that hard, but it is. While Points, rebounds, assists and steals are easy to grind, blocks aren't. Especially not in a game like 2k11, where I couldn't figure out how to switch to another player, and was stuck controlling Andre Miller. 


Hardest platinum trophies:

Same parameters as the one above this

10. Platinum Trophy (Need for Speed Rivals: 7.99%)

While not difficult, it is long, and due to annoying online trophies, this one was a bit too long for my liking.

9. The Ashen Chevalier (The Legend of Heroes: Trails of cold steel II: 16.45%)

While that new ng+ boss was hard, the game itself was easier, and you could backtrack more, making the treasure chest trophy way easier.

8. 4 (Dirt 4: 7.40%)

Rather surprised that this one is so high, but the Online trophy is long (Sweaty). This almost broke me considering how long it was at 97%.

7. #uniteinspeed (Driveclub: 5.24%)

Almost Ultra Rare, and with how long this took, I'm not surprised. Playing the game with the DLC from the start would've really helped, so that's why it's on here. My first ever platinum.

6. A Flash of Light (The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 3: 22.07%)

The game itself wasn't that hard, but the trophy hunting one was a massive nightmare this time around as well. It's because of one hell of a guide that this one is unlocked. Oh, and the 3rd chapter boss was a, well, nightmare on nightmare.

5. Platinum Trophy (Need for speed Shift: 5.66%)

Long, but no difficulty other than being clean. 

4. Gran Turismo Platinum Trophy (Gran Turismo 6: 6.71%) 

Only one hard trophy, but one hell of a hard one. S-License all Gold. The first challenge is borderline impossible on a controller.

3.Trophy Collector (F1 2016: 8.08%)

What a disaster my attempts for "So you think you're fast" were. I had to block my team-mate everytime, then ran out of fuel just before the finish line. There is an easier way to do this, but I'll keep that for the later games.

2. Cold Steel Conqueror (The legend of Heroes: Trails of cold steel: 13.37%)

Nightmare mode is a, well, nightmare, the big green bit (Nord) has chest which are easy to miss, but still a high trophy percentage.

1. Golden Completed (Persona 4 Golden: 6.08%)

With such demons as Hardcore Risette fan, Card collector and One who has proven their power, this one is the hardest bar none. The game itself was rather easy, but the trophy list was a nightmare.


With that out of the way, let's start.



Games with 100%, but no platinum



1. What Remains of Edith Finch.

A walking simulator, which I think was a PS+ game. You could knock this one out in just 2 hours, but then again, not for a platinum. Still a cool story though

2. AdVenture Capitalist

A free game, and a shameless Cookie Clicker ripoff. At least you can fiddle with the ps4 clock, as this wouldn't have been worth it anyways.

3. Island Saver

This game was, once again, free. Weird, considering it is published by a British Bank. (NatWest or something). It kind of reminds me of Chex Quest, as it is a shooter as well, but mostly a Slime Rancher knock-off. I think at least, haven't played either of them. Game was fun, though.

Platinums 1-10



1. Driveclub

The only reason I bought this was to earn more trophies. When I started out, I barely had any games, and read that this one was easy. So, once I had my PS4, this one was on my wishlist straight away. Good thing it was. I'll never forget the feeling of getting the first one. Add the bazillion DLC trophies (for quite cheap, might I add) and this one was definitely worth it. I think this cost me 20 euros all combined. No longer obtainable, due to the challenge trophy being locked due to servers.

2. WRC 5 

When I started the grind for Driveclub's last trophies, this was my cool-down game. Before I knew it, this game was almost done. If you play on the easiest difficulty, you literally cannot lose a stage. With easy boostable online trophies, not a ad find. Shame for the price.

3. Superstars V8 Racing

Bought this when I started out, this game later turned into my cooldown game for WRC 5. Despite a trophy list that looks challenging, with multiple difficulty related trophies, it wasn't that bad. This was my last one for a long time.

4. Game of Thrones Telltale

Hands down, worst game I've ever played. There is literally no gameplay outside of a few choices. Sure, the story is nice, but I couldn't give 2 Guy Fawkes over Game of Thrones to begin with. The only reason I even have it is because the first episode is free on the PlayStation store. Or was, at least. It says something that this game is considered to be platinumable (is that even a word?) in 12 hours, yet it took me 10 months. If you like watching TV, and sometimes making some choices, this is the game for you.

5. Gran Turismo 6

Gran Turismo is the series that got me into the Playstation again. After my parents threw away the ps2 (which, to be fair, hadn't seen use in 2 months, and was apparently broken) I was heartbroken, and found refuge in the sweet sweet world of PC gaming. Due to us getting a new car, we visited a Mercedes garage, with a PlayStation 3 with Gran Turismo 5. This led to us buying a PS3. When GT6 came out, you bet your sweet sugar I got it on launch day (despite being like 13 at the time, I still understood what saving money meant). While Gran Turismo 5 is impossible, GT6 is way more doable (even now, although you will get a lot less money). The Super licence gold trophy, though, can DO one. Spent 2 years on the first challenge alone. The only time I actually loudly cheered for a platinum. If I had any skill in the racing genre (despite being a massive fan of it), I'd go for Gran Turismo Sport

6. Sebastian Loeb Rally Evo

After completing WRC 5, and getting stuck on Dirt 4 (see later), I needed another rally game. This one was fun, but nothing special really. Although I almost missed out due to no online community. With an online trophy like that, it would've haunted me for the rest of my days ("complete one online stage!"). Took me a while to realize I was almost done too.

7. Cars Race-O-Rama

A game so easy, I only missed out on the platinum the first time I played it due to a bug in one of the Spark plugs. Cars games have a relatively good track record, and this one was fun too (although, you just have to make a standard racing game, and slap Lightning McQueen and friends on it. How hard can it be?). If you need an easy trophy for the ps3, and liked Cars, this one is a good candidate.

8. Dirt 4

My first ever pre-Order! While it took me a while to actually start playing it, I've been a fan of the series since Dirt 2, and still didn't have a platinum. This was my best chance yet. Aaaaaand then I messed it up by deleting my save file, with 11 completed online events. When I finally got myself around to playing it, my progress on this trophy seems to have been deleted, as I had to complete 25 events in a dead online community. I was so glad when it finally popped. "Sweaty" took my like 10 months (hence my need for a new rally game)

9. Le Tour de France 2013: 100th Edition

I'm a massive cycling fan, and the Tour is one of my favorite conversation topics ("Oh, you want me to sum up every Tour victor?" I say, to someone who definitely didn't ask that). While I had this game for a while, I then sold it, seeing I never played it. When realizing that this platinum was hilariously easy, I bought it back, and completed it in a rather short time, considering my lack of drive to finish games, usually. The fun part is, while the trophy description says that you have to win every stage, you only play as one cyclist of a team, and someone from that team has to win. So if you're particularly hopeless, just put yourself on the best team (Quickstep for flat, Sky for everything else, And constantly sprint in the Team Time Trial. That's probably the only hard one.

10. WRC 3

Ah yes, another off-road racer. This game had a LOT more content than the later games, with "Ride to Glory" or whatever the career mode was called. Unfortunately, it also continued my "Online racing trophy woes", with 2 online trophies, and an almost dead community. And unlike most others, you actually needed to win a stage. Luckily, I somehow ran into someone even more awful than I was, and won a stage. I then let him win the other, but didn't have enough time to check his list to see if he needed it. This was the second one on that day, but I had been working on both. What a beautiful day that was. 

Platinums 11-20



11. Lego Harry Potter years 1-4

My first Lego game, and it took me quite a while to get into it. Its high platinum rate was simply like a moving curtain to a bull, so I decided to at least complete it, especially after buying the second part Trophy 13) When I finally did, I was wowed. This game was just SO MUCH FUN! Couple that with an easy platinum, and I can definitely recommend this. But make sure to watch the movie first, as due to lack of dialogue it can be weird. But who doesn't know Harry Potter.

12.Need For Speed Shift

While I have a couple of NFS games, this one stood out to me as being one without police, and without online trophies? They were a massive grind, especially considering my refusal to play online, which would make the emblems or whatever way easier. Now I had to complete every game with max stars, which wasn't easy when you had to be perfectly clean on the NURBURGRING, with 11 other cars racing for position. Still have no idea how I got this one in that regard, but by now, who cares?

13.Lego Harry potter years 5-7

The second part of the excellent LEGO Harry Potter games. This one went a lot quicker, due to me actually understanding the charm from the get-go. Although the game did freeze on me once, and at the end of a chapter-ending cutscene, no less, no hard feelings here. Considerably harder, in my opinion, due to the bonus level. That one is a massive b*tch.

14. Ferrari Challenge

When I went to my Grandparents every now and then, they had this game called "Ferrari: the Race experience" on the WII. It was Fantastic(ly awful on any other console, but fine on the WII), and I wanted it for myself. Well, my dream came true when I saw this one in the store. Made by the same people, I couldn't wait to see what they had in store for me. It was a downgraded version from the Race Experience. Which is impressive, that must mean the WII and the PS3 version of that game are the same. Anyways, after ranting about how horrible it was, I then discovered that the platinum wasn't that hard, as the AI were laughable even on expert (except if you have the digital version, as apparently the second race of the Medium arcade mode is impossible. They put in lap times of 1:48 on Silverstone. In comparison, I won it handily, with lap times of around 1:52). So buy the physical copy. But hey, no online trophies!

15. My name is Mayo

My fastest platinum to date, in 43 minutes and 51 seconds. Yay? It's forever there as a milestone, and my most embarrassing to date. That's all I'll say about that one.

16. Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

I'm a massive JRPG fan, but this was the first real dive into the trophies. It started when I bought Final Fantasy XIII. When I got around to playing it, I loved it, but got stuck later on. Anyways, after hearing one of my favorite youtubers talk about this, and most importantly, how he had the platinum for this game (guy has like 6 platinums), I knew I had to try it. I LOVED IT. My save file had 83 hours. While I spent 1 hour playing it before I went to my dad for 5 days, that leaves 82 hours. In, 8 days. See what I mean? While I've never played God of war, this is what comes to mind regarding the combat. The combat was amazing. The story was meh, but that didn't matter. When I got the platinum, at 2 in the afternoon, I was just broken. Didn't do anything for the rest of the day, just sat in my room staring at the wall. If you're getting in to JRPG's, I implore you. Try this one!

17 Persona 5

Or this one. To date, the best game I've ever played. The story is great, the characters are likeable, the gameplay is fun, it has a rather easy platinum (with a guide), and you can basically do what you want in the new game plus. True, it requires 2 playthroughs, but that doesn't even matter. It took me 2 months and 472 HOURS OF PLAYTIME to get the platinum. However, this time, I was prepared to face another case of Ni No Kuni depression, as I called it. I bought a VITA, to play Persona 4 golden, and possibly the ones before that, too. That's how much I loved it. I have to admit one problem; I hated the music. Jazz is not my style at all, and some of the tracks were sleep-inducing, which wasn't good as I was often playing this until 4 in the morning. The Mementos music was just atrocious. Even worse, is that I'm by far in the minority over this. At least Royal fixed Mementos. Oh, and Haru best girl.

18. Need For Speed (2015)

I heard a LOT of sh*t about this, and thus decided to check it out. It isn't that bad, really. It was rather fun, and it didn't even have any real online trophies. List was easy, and driving mechanics were smooth. Oh, and no glitches or anything. The Speedlist DLC is impossible though, so it won't be a 100 %.

19. The Grand Tour Game:

I love Top Gear, so a game about the Idiot Trio? Yes Please! It's basically Tell-tale, but with game-play (and no original story, but you don't need that here). Too bad that the base game is so small, and the rest is DLC. At least the DLC is free, and adds way more trophies. A bit of a grind near the end, but that's to be excused.

20. LEGO Harry Potter Collection: Years 1-4

I liked the regular version so much, I got it again. It's exactly the same as the last one, although this one took like 2 days. As with the Other LEGO games, USE A GUIDE FOR THE COLLECTIBLES.

Platinums 21-30



21. Persona 4 Golden

This game had some of the best characters I've ever seen. The cast was extremely likable (except those pervert revenge mode moments, especially when it happened regardless of what you did) and the music was amazing. By the end of the game, I didn't even want to finish it, as it would mean leaving this game behind, that's how bad it was. However, there are some real annoying ones in this. When I finally managed to scrape out the all Social links trophy (There's barely any margin for error here), I then had to wrestle my way towards one of the most infamous trophies in JRPG history: HARDCORE RISETTE FAN (or at least the personafandom). When I was 292 lines into the 250 trophy, I was ready to celebrate, until I realized there is still another trophy, Card Collector. I only needed 100 skill cards, the main way to get these was blocked (I was in the very endgame, in the final dungeon, to the point of no return.) And I had ………. 28. Luckily, you can grind these out with All-out attacks, and then shuffle time. Thankfully, I was able to avoid a third playthrough. VITA owners, this is a must have.

22. LEGO Harry Potter Collection: Years 5-7

The last of the Harry potter games, until I bother with the VITA version. Anyways, by now I had a Harry Potter fatigue, so to speak, so this one went more slowly. There was one trophy they removed, so it should have been a bit shorter. Still, I could recommend this.

23. Burly men at Sea

Another PS+ game, It was short, but kinda quirky. Sure, the game had a bit of glitch at one point, but it still took me only 2 hours, so another recommendation. I was surprised how fun it was, considering this is not a genre I usually enjoy.

24. The legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II

Hands down the best Storytelling I've ever experienced in a game. Luckily, this one was open world, and the new Overdrive system was easily exploitable. I have to absolutely ADORE a game before I even consider going to the highest difficulty. This one was a no-brainer. The only one of the trilogy (soon the be Quadrology) I platinumed in 2 playthroughs, as the chest trophy was easier, thanks to the possibility of back-tracking. I played 1 before this one, but needed 3 playthroughs. Try this one out. Oh, and play it twice. That was another nudge towards nightmare, I had to play it twice to begin with for a bit of extra story content, which was crucial in 3.

25. Terminator Salvation

The dumbest AI ever (And yes, I'm counting persona 3's Mitsuru) with enemies that required flanking, and could only be taken out form behind. The AI would just run all over the place. The worst part was the underground section, in which that Mr.T knock-off had to plant a bomb, and your "trusty" partner had to beat those spiders. The worst game I've ever platinumed, as I don't count Tell-tale as Games. Still, all gold though, and Hard isn't that hard.

26. Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight

Considering how much I loved Persona 5, this was only a matter of time. I promised myself I wouldn't stoop this low, but eventually did it. The worst one of the two (worse songs in general, compared to 3), despite the better character interactions. Still can't get over the NSFW Girls only dance though (Makoto wouldn't do that. Ever) and I don't understand why Haru even bothered with a skirt, considering the fact that half of the camera angles are so that you get an upskirt.. At least the final dance was brilliant. Easy platinum, but I would recommend finishing either Vanilla P5 or getting to January in P5 Royal to avoid spoilers.

27. Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight

Exactly the same trophy list as 5, but different characters and songs. Too bad Persona 3 doesn't have trophies. This time, you only need to get to around November, or January. The songs were better in general (Wiping all out and Brand New Days are BANGERS), and the interactions were funny too. Oh, and Elizabeth is hilarious. Both 3 and 5 were very short too, only needing one sitting (of 13 and 15 hours respectively)

28. Persona 4: Dancing All Night

The only one with a story mode. Where they had 4 characters introduced, who were apparently good at dancing, but never showed up. At least let them be present in the final battle or something ATLUS, holy Bajeezus. Some of the songs were better than others, but this is probably the hardest one of the three. In every game, there are these things called scratches that you have to flick the joystick for. In 3 and 5, you had a boost (no, not a cheat, you had to unlock it) which would hit that automatically. Not in 4, making the hardest ones a real challenge. Still easy enough.

29. Murdered: Soul Suspect

I can't remember whether this one was PS+ or not, but whatever. Easy platinum, which took like 9 hours. The 5th in 8 days, in a matter of fact. Once again, use a guide. Otherwise, this one will take a loooooooooong time.

30. The legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel

The first one. Due to this, the completion percentage is way lower than any others, as many people apparently didn't like it, and turned away. Well, they don't have any taste. This one required 3 playthroughs, due to the treasure chest trophy. And the final battle in the main dungeon was hard as balls. 9000 damage from an attack he used quite often, without needing to charge, and my main character had the highest HP of everyone, with 9200. It was basically a death sentence. I got through that with luck (Laura covered Fie, and Rean dodged. Emma died, though). Emma is best girl, though. 

Platinums 31-40



31. Persona 5 Royal

This one, was a bit of a disappointment. The trophies were easy, and only needed one playthrough. Compare that to the fact that I played Persona 5 not too early beforehand, and I couldn't help complaining about all the changes I didn't like, like the ending cutscene. At least Yoshizawa was cool, and I romanced her. Tycoon (the card game in the thieves den) was addictive as all hell. It sits at a completion percentage of 57% as of writing, and that for a pretty long game. Still an absolute recommendation.

32. F1 2016

I'm a big fan of the F1 games, but never quite managed to platinum one of them. Until this one. The easiest platinum, by far, but forever legendary to me because of the "So you think you're fast?" trophy. It required you to win a 25%+ distance (so like 30 minutes) race on Ultimate (which, I think makes the drivers even faster than in real life, considering the difficulty was synced to 110% AI in more recent titles). It required a last straight pass on both Räikkönen and Ricciardo (as Hamilton), whose tires were dead as a result of a second lap pitstop, due to safety car with Vettel out. I didn't even cause the crash. I actually ran out of fuel 50 meters before the finish line, but had enough momentum to carry me over the line first. That was in Baku by the way.

33. Harry potter and the deathly hallows part 1

I changed my mind, this one is the worst game I've ever played. It's very similar to Terminator Salvation, but you have to play it thrice, and there are collectibles, even Online trophies. It's literally that game, but with a more difficult trophy list. And people probably bought it because Harry Potter is on the cover. This makes my think twice about part 2. At least it isn't impossibly hard, but stay away. I wil buy the 6th one, though.

34. Need For Speed Rivals (PS3)

I got this game for Christmas when it was new. And platted it now. Thanks a lot to Cxrlos23 for helping me grind, and to bear with my awful connection. It took 4 races to actually register that I've won one. Defitinely try this one out, and I still have the PS4 version, so that one will possibly also become a platinum.

35: Need For Speed Payback

The worst game of the series on playstation. At first, I thought I was locked out due to a roaming racer not appearing. Thanks to a collectible map, this became bearable. Tyler is an asshat, Jess acts like everything is Tyler's fault, but Mac's all right.  The speed zones were really annoying due to a lot of traffic, The speed traps had some annoying moments, the drifts were sometimes a piece of cake, and other times about as hard as the big signposts. Am I glad that this one's done. Why does everyone complain about the 2015 reboot, but not this one?

36. Valentino Rossi: The game

Also known as MotoGP 16. The first game I ever played on the PS4. Honestly, a pretty good game for a yearly franchise, but not enough to convince me to buy more of the series. This has variety in the gameplay between MotoGP stuff, Flat track, R1M racing, Drifting and Rallying, which makes the game feel a lot less tedious. It's not a must to play, but if you like racing  games, give this a shot.

37. Need For Speed Rivals (PS4)

Yep, again. This time I knew what I was doing, and thus this went a lot quicker. Approximately 730 times quicker, in fact (6 years and a month vs 3 days and an hour). Does this mean I fell in love with it all over again? No. I despised every second I played it, despite it being identical to the PS3 version. Probably because I paid for it myself this time. I kept seeing the negatives, overall not a fun time.

38. Supercar Challenge

This game started this checklist in the red column, and has now made it's way to the platinum pile. May mean that other games I've given up on are easier now as well. Game wasn't good though, so I wouldn't count on that. I'm not getting Absolute Supercars, in case anyone's asking. Never again. 

39. Motorcycle club

In case anyone was wondering ho far I'd sink for a plat, let this be the answer. Not going for a stack, as the game would've been better if I let my daughter handle this. And she's not even born yet. An absolute Embarrassment.

40. The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III

One of the best games I've ever played. The Chest quest trophy can go jump of a bridge, but other than that, I loved everything about it. Never though I'd actually go for a milestone, but here it is. I'll keep it short, or we'll be here all day.

Platinums 41-41



41. Wreckfest

Well, this game is American. All you do is crash. Other than that, it was surprisingly fun, although this may be the only game where racing on the hardest damage level is easier, because the AI just crash themselves off. Made racing in Banger Leagues way more fun, as by the end you were just avoiding wrecks.

Offline completion 1-2

Games where the servers are closed, and all offline trophies have either been earned or are glitched deserve their own section




1. Burnout Paradise

Well, this one was stupid. I believe the servers were closed on August 2019, and I started that game again on September 2019. Never mind the fact that I had it since 2016. The DLC is also gone, so it's tuck at the B rank until more people who haven't bothered with this one join. The game is really fun, though, but I'm probably not getting the remastered version. I didn't like it THAT much.

2. MUD

I didn't really stand a chance here, as the version I had had the servers disabled anyways. It was a trio disk with MotoGP13 and SBK Generations, but MotoGP13 was the only one where the servers were supported. To be fair, there is one trophy left I could unlock, but I did the required thing 5 times, and it didn't pop, so I'm putting this one down as glitched.

Goals For 2020

Total collection of 50 Platinums (Started at 35, Currently 41)

Completion Rate of 60% (Started at 57.76%, Currently 59.83%)

Less than 2000 unearned Trophies (Started at 2344, Currently 2423)

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Posted (edited)


Trophies For:


Need for Speed Payback

Harry Potter Year 7 part 1

Grid 2

Grid Autosport

Need for Speed Rivals

For those wondering why there's a gap in my trophy escapades, I was playing the second Trails of cold steel again. But now that that's over with, I can focus on trophies again.


Platinum 33:



Merlin's first class candidate

Enjoyment: 2/10

Difficulty: 5/10

Hardest Trophy: Friendly Rivals: Compare your ranking on any Challenge with a Friend on your Friends list.

This game is proof that humanity hasn't reached its peak yet. The 7th film is admittedly my least favorite film, but this one was about the character interaction, the growth that the cast went through, internal conflict, stuff like that. SO WHY IN THE NAME OF HOLY ASS DID THEY MAKE THIS A GEARS OF WARESQUE THIRD PERSON SHOOTER?! The approach of the other ones would have worked perfectly. But no, a linear shooter it is. 


The graphics are dull, and dark. You can't see five feet in front of you most of the time. The models are laughable, and stand like they went to the gym the day prior, and are completely stiff. They made Harry an even bigger dickhead than he was in the movie. The controls barely work, with the method of navigation (they called it four points, and you had to press circle to activate it) working like 40% of the time. In a game where you need navigation,as everything looks the same, and it's dark all the time (like in the movies, so fair enough there). Also, you had to press R2 repeatedly to fire spells. And you need to fire a lot of them, so Stupify is out, or your finger will simply snap. Why they thought to add collectibles is beyond me. Another spell that never worked was Expecto Patronum. You had to press R1 and then Hold R1. The same button for Protego. Also, the final fight (before Malfoy manor) is a lie. It says survive, but you actually need to die there. Enemies will just respawn. The leaderboard trophy is HARD now, with like 9 years since the game came out.


The only reason I even have it, is because I love the series, and also loved the 6th one on the WII. I will buy that one, but I won't bother with the second part of this doodoo-ology. Stay away, don't even look at it. Not to mention, boring trophy icons. But what did I expect from EA.

Platinum 34



Platinum Trophy

Enjoyment: 8/10

Difficulty: 6/10

Hardest trophy: Gold master: Earn 100 Gold medals across both factions

This one is my second Need for Speed I've ever had. The first one is that awful Hot pursuit port on the WII. When I got this, I didn't know what to expect, and only wanted to be a cop, because it's way easier. As a racer, you get taken out by both racers and cops. As a cop, you get some respite. As far as the game goes, it's really good. 


Set in an open world, which is admittedly rather small, you play as F8 (cop) or Zephyr (racer) to stop street racing, or to dominate it. You are armed with various support technology, upgraded cars and te internet to post cop mishaps (Racer) or multiple variations of the same car to provide wider coverage (cop). The driving controls feels like they're doing it for you sometimes, but it just feels smooth.The only real problems is the fact that you have to win almost every event for the plat, and that the trophy description for buddy bust is a bit iffy. The friend has to be in an event, and not in freeroam. I'd recommend going for private sessions, as sometimes, the game boots you back if someone in the session leaves. Which is annoying if you're doing this in an event. This game can be stacked with the PS3 and PS4, and that's what I'm planning to do. We haven't seen the last o each other yet, Rivals...


Oh, and the fact that you can enter your own music in the game is cool, because the music ingame is bad.



So, what now? I'm planning on platting TOCSIII, but now that Payback was possible, I would want to do that too. After that though, I have no idea. I don't want to add another game just yet, but if I do, it'll either be Ride, Ride 2 or the Crew 2. I don't tink there are any ps3 games where I am almost guaranteed a platinum, so I'll have to work on that. Maybe Grid Autosport.



Updates to main post


Added 2 platinum trophies

Rewrote some descriptions

Added top 10's

Added new games to backlog (Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the white witch, NBA Live 2015)


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Posted (edited)


Trophies For


Grid Autosport

Top Spin 4

Need For Speed Payback

Driveclub Bikes

Valentino Rossi the Game

Sega Mega Drive/Genesis Classics

Plague Inc. Evolved

Platinum 35:



The Ultimate Payback

Enjoyment: 4/10

Difficulty: 5/10

Hardest Trophy: I Fought The law: Escape the Skyhammer

Hoo Boy, my fourth Need for Speed Platinum. You'd think I adore the series, but pieces of filth like this aren't worthy of my time. The cars selection was nice, and Mac was rather funny, not to mention Marcus Weir. The story was one of betrayal and Revenge, and thus absolutely abhorrent. Lina Navarro is portrayed as a character without any redeeming qualities. One thing that was interesting was the fact that you can have a non-standard game over by taking the Collecter's offer, and losing on purpose when he offers you a spot in his organisation. The Police was non-existent here, which I'd normally applaud, but the traffic was too much, which made the speed runs and drift zones a real pain. The upgrade system was too overpowered, but why would anyone want JUMP as a quality instead of speed? The hardest trophy is actually a story trophy, as I died like 30 times here. Sometimes I got taken out by my own "Friends". While getting three stars isn't impossible (far from it) there are some extremely annoying ones to complete, with the exception of jump. That was easy. The map sometimes sort of lied, by having t he Gambler Chips icons next to where they were. Really annoying if you had to line up for a jump. Not to mention, Jess was barely used. 


The map Sucked. Why can't you make your own selection like "Oh, only the Drift Zones" or "I don't want to see the completed events". And this on a crowded map, despite the southernmost region being empty. There were like 8 things to do there, and it's a pretty big area. There was more to do on the airfield alone. Just stay away, and don't buy it. If you have made the mistake already, then go for it, as it really isn't hard.


To be fair, the enjoyment level was higher during the game, but the postgame was really frustrating.

So What now? I'm still busy with Trails of Cold Steel III, and have started with the grind for Grid Autosport, but there are also some new opportunities. Valentino Rossi the game should happen tonight, as I'm in a session, Adventure Capitalist can also be done, and due to popular demand (see Advise the next plat thread for more details) I'll give Skyrim another shot. After that, I'll probably do Island Saver real quick, and then perhaps LEGO ninjago. Thanks to the Quarantine, I can add more games to my profile, while the backlog stays virtually the same.


See you next week!


Updates to Main Post


Added Platinum

Added New top ten (Easiest Trophies)

Added New Backlog Category (the actual backlog)

Fixed some Spelling Errors

Added new Completed game category

Added 2 new Games (LEGO Ninjago and Island Saver)


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Trophies For


Valentino Rossi: The game

AdVenture Capitalist

Grid Autosport

100% nr. 2:



AdVenture Capitalist

Enjoyment: 1/10

Difficulty: 1/10

Hardest Trophy: The Great AdVenture! Unlock the 626th Achievement on Earth

This game is a Cookie Clicker clone, that is free, ironically. It's still freemium though, as you can buy gold to make the process go faster, but whoever came up with this is not worth any money. I can't even call it a shameless cashgrab. To win, just fiddle with the clock in the Ps4 by going to 2099 all the time. At least the game accepts that, as which true capitalist abides by the rules? There are three planets, and one of them (Mars) isn't necessary for trophies, but might as well. It's a horrible timewaster, as you'll be wishing you were turned into a cookie or something instead. After hiring managers for your things, you can't do anything. There's nothing you can do to increase productivity or anything, at least until you get to Mars. Just stay away, even if it's free. They made another version about Communism, but I don't think that one is on the PS4 store. Good.

Platinum 36:



Platinum Rider

Enjoyment: 7/10

Difficulty: 4/10

Hardest Trophy: Doctor? Master! Win a Monza Masters' Show

Also known as MotoGP 16, this game tries to tackle the tedium shown by many yearly series by introducing various other gameplay methods. You can Race Yamaha R1M's, race Flat track (basically Motorcross, but without jumps), do Drift races, Rally races and hardest of all, the Monza Masters Show. This mode is like the Race Of champions, In that 2 Cars compete to complete the same course as fast as possible, and it's in a tournament tree of 8 people. I actually had to cheat and turn the penalty timer off to win, as Rossi is flying over the track. The Career is less one-directional as a result, as these other things break up the season every now and then. 


Outside Career, thereare other hings you can do, such as reliving moments of Rossi's career in the form of scenario's or with the Challenge the doctor, where you have to beat all of his times on every track. This isn't easy, but I didn't have to turn off the penalty timer for this. The biggest Grind is the Online mode, as you'll need to win 30 races. Thanks to HellCU3ED for helping me out with this.


Overall, I'd say the game does it's best to be one of the best motoracing games there is, but it falls a bit flat. The Cars handle poorly, especially the Fiesta used for Rallying. the Load times between Online Races are unacceptable, The Grind for Dirt Roads is annoying, and the music isn't good, and often barely there. The Points you get serve almost no purpose, as you'll have every thing you can buy with it 30% through the Journey to the Platinum.


Overall, not Bad, but not great. At least it's better than the shitshow that is AdVenture Capitalist.


So what now? I'm STILL working on Trails of Cold Steel 3, and it's going really slowly. My exams start next month, so that will put a damper on the progress I've made. At least I think Topspin 4 should be over soon. The reason all those games were added to "Now Playing" is because of an event where you clean out your Backlog, and now's a good time. With Valentino Rossi, I've completed my Initial goal this year, which is to get more platinums this year than any other year. My previous record was 11 in 2018, and I've got 12 now. We're still in May, and I should be counting on at least 12 others by the end of August.


See you next week!



Updates to main Post:


Added Platinum

Added 100%

Added 12 games to Now Playing

Added 4 Games to Backlog (LEGO harry Potter Years 5-7 VITA, Souh Park the Stick of Truth, Tour De France and Dragon Age II) 



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Posted (edited)


Trophies For:


Top Spin 4

Motorcycle Club

Supercar Challenge

Island Saver

Detroit: Become Human

The Witness

Need For Speed Rivals (PS4)

100% nr. 3



Island Saver

Enjoyment: 7/10

Difficulty: 1/10

Hardest Trophy: Money Matters Exchange any currency at its best price.

A game published by a bank, and a playable ad. Despite this, the game is quite fun. Were there times I wanted to strangle Kiwi? Yes, especially during bartering. But overall, he wasn't too bad. I'm honestly surprised they decided to make this a "shooter", although there is no real way to die from your enemies, and it's found out in typical Kids-show-style: Oh, it's not their fault.


The trophy list is a joke. One non-non-missable trophy, and it's for something you're bound to do anyways (Exchanging money). Still took 7 hours, so that's a bit of a knock on me. The game has some slippery jumping controls though, and I hated the platform bits. I don't even want to count the amount of times I drowned or fell in Lava. You get respawned immediately, so no problem anyways.


For a game for kids, and one with a message (pollution is bad), it was fun as an adult. They failed to come up with enough animals though (Three species of crabs, but no duck), and they got REALLY fat when you had to free them. Often seemed like they were shitting or barfing out the money you needed. If you are one of the lucky ones to snatch this in the limited time it was free, then congratulations! Here's 315 basically free points!  

Platinum 37:



Need For Speed Rivals (PS4)

Enjoyment: 3/10

Difficulty: 6/10

Hardest Trophy: Bigger Points: Bank 500,000 in one go

Ah yes. It hasn't been a month since I got the plat on the PS3, and for the Summer Backlog event I decided to do this one as well. It's a story like a fairy tail. An original, with plenty of blood. This time around, I could see all the negatives. The game is the same, and still not bad, but just let me rant for a minute.



This is not a racing game, it's a car chase game. Racing is an afterthought. As a Racer, you can't go anywhere without a police escort. Sometimes I would start an event, encounter police, successfully run away, and then encounter the police again within that same event. To make matters worse, The police AI isn't good. To help them out, the bar you have to fill to escape just gets wiped out like 70% of the time without any Police showing up. It's like "Oh, you've almost escapes? The police spotted you! *not even half a second later* You're off the police radar and are almost away! All the goddamn time.

But why does this matter, I hear none of you ask? Because this means that if you start an event, you'll start by being hit by police. If you're away, you at least get some respite.



Crashes. The programmer must've been really proud of their work, because every time you crash, you're stuck watching that animation for 5 seconds minimum. Fine if you're flying off the road and flip like 69 times, but horrible if you crahs into a house and immediately stop. You'll be sat there for 3 seconds just waiting, while the Police destroy you (as a racer) or your targets get away (as a cop). The AI just respawns instantly. The time sat there also counts towards getting busted, so sometimes you'll basically be dead from a tiny crash. It's not just the ginormous crashes that get this treatment, even relatively minor incidents get a crash cam.



The Police. They suck. If you're a racer, they're flipping everywhere, if you're a cop, they hinder you. There are two ways to bust someone. One, crash them off. Two, keep them stationary. The cops in this game don't get the second part. I've had so many arrests disappear because either the pinned-down racer was freed by a shunt from the police, or I was crashed out of the way. I'm beginning to see why the Police in Payback were non-existent. In Rivals, they are annoying, and sometimes way too fast. In the '15 reboot, the hardest thing is a staying in a chase, as the police can't follow a paraplexic squirrel. They just removed them so no one could see that they couldn't figure them out.


I'm really happy I'm done with this one. Never Again.

So what now? After discovering Supercar Challenge was able to be played, I'm pretty close to the platinum there now. The backlog event is going great, with 1/6th already completed. Maybe I can find some time to FINALLY do Trails of Cold Steel III. It's about time. I still need to do some Top Spin 4 trophies, but I'll do those in-between other games.


See you next week!



Updates to Main Post:


Added Platinum

Added 100%

Moved Supercar Challenge

Added Ducati 90th Anniversary to the backlog.


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Trophies For:


The Witness

Detroit Become Human

Supercar Challenge

Grid Autosport

So what now? This update is quite small, due to not being able to play on the PS4 for a while. I don't really want to add yet another game outside of the Event ones, so now I'm stuck wiping up my PS3 Backlog. At least I'm halfway in ToCS3, so that should be over soon. Kind of a small update, but it should improve in about 2 weeks time. I've also decided to wrap up my favorite game mode ever. Create a Legend on 2K13 with Andre Drummond. It's only one trophy, but it's about time I got it.


Se you next week!


Update to main post:


Added 6 games to Backlog (Call of Duty WWII, FIFA 20, Murdered Soul Suspect, Star Wars Battlefront 2, Tour de France 2012, Virtua Tennis 4)

Moved NBA 2K13 to Now playing.



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Trophies For:


The Witness

Lego Ninjago Movie: The videogame

2064: Read only memories

After having forgotten about linkplay, I can now get into the trophyhunting scene on the PS4 once more. Didn't do a whole lot, for one I didn't know how to use L2 and R2. The event has probably failed, but that doesn't mean I'm just going to give up.


Se you next week!


Update to main post:




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Posted (edited)


Trophies For


Detroit Become Human

2064: Read only Memories


Rogue Aces

Grid Autosport

Supercar Challenge

NBA 2K16

Platinum 38




Enjoyment: 5/10

Difficulty: 7/10

Hardest Trophy: Challenge Dominated: Finish Career mode with over 32,000 Race Points.

Well, this is a children's story. A game, forgotten and despised, had it's chance to prove it's worth to platinum to it's owner. It took it's chance, and it blossomed into a beautiful platinum. Although it ignores the agony paired with this game, considering how difficult it is to start the damn thing up. 


To be honest, I wasn't expecting a  lot from Supercar Challenge, considering it was made by the same people who made Ferrari Challenge. It doesn't even have a "Restart Race" option, that is a feature limited to Absolute Supercars. Imagine having that as your selling point. It isn't actually a steaming pile of cat barf. It does have a damage model (something the GT games don't have) and it has difficulty modes. The career (or challenge mode, as they call it) is pretty difficult, especially on the higher difficulties. Some of the races are really easy (like Hockenheim), others are really difficult (like Silverstone), although Homestead is a goldmine, considering the amount of money you can earn in quick races here, and the AI can't handle the banked turns. 


I was going towards the final trophy (Millionaire) with the idea that it was going to take 4 days to get the required amount of money. It took 4 hours, so that was nice. I would buy the Digital version, because that has the infamous cheat. But because I had the disc version, I couldn't use it. Otherwise it would've gone even faster. To think that this was one of the first games I bought with the purpose of earning trophies. And it's only now, more than 4 years later, that I finished it. The reason I started again was because plenty of trophies were fairly high on my trophy adviser, and I wanted those gone.


Overall, not a bad game, but not a good one either.

That's more like it! I'm still TV-less on my PS4, but I'm getting some strides on my PS3. Might actually be able to get my goal of less than 2000 unearned trophies this way. I've decided that ToCS3 will be my 40th platinum, so will have to work on that, but with less sense of urgency than before.


See you next week!


Update to main post:


Added Platinum

Added Injustice: Gods among us to Backlog.


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Posted (edited)


Trophies for


Need for Speed Shift

Motorcycle Club

The Crew 2



Platinum 39



Motorcycle Club

Enjoyment: 3/10

Difficulty: 6/10

Hardest Trophy: By a nose: Finish a race less than 0.1 s ahead of an opponent.

I'm not going to bother ripping this game apart, because so many other people have done that already. Instead, some interesting facts about BigBen Interactive, the publisher/developer of this game.


1. Back in 2014, there were two games that were often described as the worst PS4 games at the time, them being Rugby 15 (utterly broken) and Motorcycle Club (Beta wouldn't even cover it). Both came out within 8 days of each other, both were developed or published by BigBen.

2. They were also behind one of the worst Space Invader clones of all time, known as Space Raiders in the US. They changed it from "Attack day" or whatever because the game was SO ass they tried to hide the involvement.


There, that was fun, wasn't it? Nice questions to ask in your next Quiz night. Anyways, back to the game. No idea who did the sound design, as I was too lazy to look, but they did not do a good job. No music, and the bikes sound like dryers. They also ALL sound the same. 


The feature to switch bikes is weird, but kinda cool, and it makes the game easier, as the AI is dumb as bricks. Bit of a problem though, they don't have brakes. The bikes just "slow down". You can sometimes see the speedometer hit 0, while steaming into a wall, as the cornering is laughable. Some of the missions were really hard, such as brushing past enough bikes (not hitting them) as they just slalomed across the track, and coming last, ironically, as the AI was way too slow. The hardest of all, though, was winning by less than 0.1 second. It took me Five tries were I managed to lose by that margin, or sometimes I mistook a lapped bike for P2. It's really luck based, and I had just run out.


So yeah, the game is terrible, but it was a funny terrible. The game was so bad, it's funny, which made the enjoyment rise. But still, don't even bother.

So what now? If I'm lucky, ToCS3 should be my next one, as I'm getting pretty close to the end. After that, a whole stream should follow. We'll see, I suppose. Oh, and if I missed a treasure chest, I'm saving ToCS3 for my 50th. It's going to be a milestone.


See you next week!


Updates to main post


Added game to platinum

Added games to "now playing"


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Trophies For


The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III



Rogue Aces

Platinum 40



A Flash of Light

Enjoyment: 11/10

Difficulty: 6/10

Hardest Trophy: Chest Quest: Opened every treasure chest.

It's about time. Grab something to eat, as this may take a while. Or several whiles, as a matter of fact.


Let's start with the things I don't like about this game. The trophy Icons are boring, but they're a step up from the first 2. And, eh, hang on. Oh! The game has decided that instead of Alisa, Fie should be the one to provide fanservice. That is one very bold outfit, for those willing to look it up. Oh, and I liked Ashley Burch more than the new voice actor for Millium. That's about it?


While Persona and the other games of this series have taken me for a ride, none have done so to the magnitude of this. The way Altina grew throughout the game was way too heartwarming. She started the series as an enemy, and by now she feels like a surrogate daughter. She even broke the fourth wall at one point (We've grown a lot. One might even say we "leveled up")! Her romance event in 4 will be a bitter pill because of that, but her link event here was cute. By the end, I was cheering every time she smiled for crying out loud. To think that early in Cold Steel 2 I wanted to kill her. That says a lot about me, now that I think about it.


The decision to make you a teacher was brilliant. While in the first two there were named NPC's who had a bit more character, here every student is his own person. It feels like you're a teacher of a bunch of kids. That, and they are hilarious. Musse is one of the funniest characters around, as you're on edge every time she opens her mouth for another flirty remark. I have saved so many video clips from this game, it's unbelievable. Not to mention the NPC banter between Bennett and Oscar, like Maple and Purple in ToCS2. I also love that they brought back so many characters from the earlier games, as I wasn't ready for a Vivi-less life.


It does say one thing when I decided "I'm going to complete this today!" only for today to turn out to be 4 in the morning. I still had to complete the game itself proper, but that only took another hour or so. 475 hours, how about that! Also weird is that despite there being a trophy for beating the game on Nightmare, it's not the hardest trophy. Once again the chest trophy is the problem. Even worse is that I know where I messed up this time. In both playthroughs. And now we wait for the Fourth one, to also be a platinum. I don't care if the game requires to play it on Nightmare from the start, I'll find a legal way. 


At least now I can focus on the backlog event.

Platinum 41:



Master of Crashes

Enjoyment: 8/10

Difficulty: 3/10

Hardest Trophy: Glutton for Punishment: Get Wrecked 100 Times.

Ah yes, Wreckfest. I'm pretty sure that when this came out, so many challenges were made by youtubers like "can I survive?! GONE WRONG GONE SEXUAL" and stuff like that. Despite that, the game was a lot of fun. It sometimes reminded me of one of my favorite segments of Top Gear: May drives Folk Racing in Finland. A lot of those cars were in this game, and there were Folk Racing events. Those weren't my favorite events though.


Banger racing was hilarious. The tracks usually had more than 1 loop, so you could crash into some backmarker. Sometimes you'd be the only car running after 4 laps, and you could just crash yourself out, and still win. Made the Showing some Dedication trophy a lot easier. To be honest, the hardest trophy was wrecking yourself, as this is something that goas against your natural instincts. Not my fault, this is just a really simple trophy list. I suppose that without Boosting Human Lover would be the nightmare. Oh well.


Good thing I put this in 2 events. One of the rare physical games I own on the PS4. And now it's gone from it FOREVER.

So what now? With ToCS3 finally done, I can focus on some other games. I'm probably going to wait with TopSpin 4, as the fact that I can't earn the plat combined with a grind scares me off a bit. Maybe I'll start on some of the easier games on my backlog. I also want to embrace my inner weeb and play the Date a Live game. Having bought the Goat Sim DLC, that one is also a real possibility. 


See you next week!


Updates to main post:


Added Erica to now playing

Moved WRC 6 and Top Spin 4 to Backlog

Added Aladdin and the Lion King, F1 2020, NBA 2K20, Date a Live, the Sly Trilogy and Rise of the Tomb Raider to Backlog

Added Two platinums

Updated hardest Platinum Trophies.


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