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  • 1-3 When you enter the first building in the level, you will see a small platform ahead of you. Jump up on this, then onto the fluorescent light to your left, then up again onto a hidden platform between the lights. Snake Plissken will throw you down a special SMG.
  • 2-2 Jump down the second red-lit shaft and move right as you fall. A blaster and first aid kit await!
  • 3-3 This is also toward the beginning. When the ground level stops dropping and starts to rise again, there will be a wooden wall with a large crack in it. You can walk right through this and pick up a heavy cannon.
  • 3-5 Early in the level, you will be attacked by a motorcycle. In this area, walk off the edge on the left where it looks like you'll fall to your death. A small platform will catch you. You can jump to the left (even though it looks like it's too far) and get a glimpse of Kaneda, and a sniper rifle.
  • 4-3 After the museum, there will be a checkpoint followed by a place where you can walk out into a green tile roof. Drop down and jump toward the left wall.
  • 4-4 Once the elevator reaches the top, jump up and to the right to get a glimpse of Roy Batty and Deckard.
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Looks like I found 3-3 and 3-5 by luck! (especially 3-3)

Thank you for the list, will be sure to get the trophy when I start my Hard playthrough.


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