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This is yet another one of those cheap completely run off the mill tower defense games this one company has pushed onto the PSN store for both PS4 and Vita. This one honestly isn't too bad. Some few late game levels might be a little bit tricky, but it's all about figuring out how to beat them. I struggled a bit with getting 3 stars on a couple, but once I got how to beat them properly, it wasn't all that bad. You should probably wait until the very end with going for the ones you struggle with, because then you have more upgrades etc. This game has 40 levels. If you replay a level in the episode after beating it, you'll get rewarded a bonus 100 of the in-game currency, which is very useful. They're in limited supply, and you should spend them all at useful things, otherwise you may need to restart entire game or buy micro transactions...


I hate the 50 000 kills trophies. 3 of the games have had one of those, and they're just some few hours grind after beating the game for no reason whatsoever. You'll likely play the same level over and over, and it gets super boring. Probably my one big gripe with this game tbh.


If you wonder what the game is like or need any help, I 100% the game in the below playlist.




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