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"Appetite For Destruction": Smash 500 Shard crates

ok if you play in english, no problem, but if you play in french (maybe this bug also exist with other languages), the trophy description says 100 shard crates, and when at the end of the game you notice you still don't have this trophy you think you can never manage to got the platinum because of this trophy, but actually no it's just a translation bug


"Scrattle Royale": Kill all enemies in a section without dying

so here the section is not at all between a checkpoint to an other as you can imagine or as you can read in the available trophy guides online, here by "section" developers means a level (anyone from the 16 available) from begining to end and including all the enemies you could find in hidden collectable zones

personally i have follow this guide and it was ok:


Jump advices

after press X to jump, press square to go a little more far and higher,

same advice for double jump, X X square

and if sometimes you wonder why you can't double jump at all, even you press twice X very correctly, it's because you were too near from an edge before to jump, so try to jump from the middle of the platform if you want to double jump, it's maybe not clear but i will make sense to you when you will try to get the Lost Oasis statue ^^




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