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Publisher Microids and Asterix & Obelix developer OSome Studio announce the game The Smurfs.

According to the report, the 3D action adventure game will remain true to the brand's original material whenever possible, and will still offer a new story, lots of humor, excitement, friendship and action.

"We are confident that we will bring all actors together in the wonderful world of Smurfs, thanks to the ability of our partner studio OSome Studio, which has worked on this intergenerational license and multiple family games," Microids vice president Elliot Grassiano said.

The release date, the platforms to be released, details and images have not been shared yet.


Microids announced The Adventures of Tintin (The Adventures of Tintin) last month.




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That's curious indeed, though I have a feeling it'll be a full price game with not much to offer maybe? I'm just thinking of other games based upon brands like Paw Patrol or Barbie you know, but you never know.


I'll at least keep an eye out on this, cause the Smurfs are a fun franchise.


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