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I have an external hdd and bought a 16gb usb drive


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I want to do a factory reset on a ps4 pro that I transferred the data from a day one ps4. I was thinking a clean install of the games is like maintenance. I think these things to not think about the world. I wanted to back up my saves on 16gb usb drive, because when I tried to send all my game save data to online ps plus storage I received an error that I couldn't save any more games because I didn't have any more save slots. I was confused because I still had 80gb still free. regardless, I would rather have my saves locally backed up, I can't assume PS plus has got my back.

Well, I received the usb drive today in the mail. I plugged it in and the ps4 could only see the the external hard drive when going thru application save data management. I had to make ps4 stop using the external hard and disconnect the drive so the ps4 could recognize the usb drive. Crazy, am I stupid or did I miss something. Does anyone here have an easier method. It is such a pain to disconnect the usb form the back. I think maybe usb drive casing was keeping the drive from connecting in the front of the ps4. I don't know.

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