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I've noticed that, with series that have multiple titles, PSNProfiles has a PlayStation Series feature that splits the series into several stages, with each stage representing each title in the series. It will either recognise that you haven't 100%'ed any title in a stage, that you've 100%'ed some of the titles in a stage or that you've 100%'ed all of the titles in a stage. Does anyone else feel like the feature should be revised to better recognise when users have Platinum'ed a game but not 100%'ed it? Right now a Platinum is just regarded in the same way as if you hadn't played the game at all. Let me know what you think.

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yeah, i've been a major opponent of that anti-platinum propaganda bs for quite some time now. I've taken matters into my own hands, with a userscript :D 


now, plats are all that matters, and nonplats (like Blood Dragon) don't exist :) 





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