Missing Bluegleam?

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m confused all left is one Outfit which I need 18 of them. I have 16 but...where are the last 2?

I finished every DLC-Missions(Got the trophy too)

I got the map and took every bluegleam shown on my map, i see none there anymore

Even just got everything to buy all remaining bluegleam boxes from Meridian

I have pretty much nothing left where bluegleam could be, i have all DLC-Trophys now too(Only missing the new game+ trophies for 100%)


So I'm really lost right now where there could be 2 more hiding...


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Just did some Googling, apparently there is a merchant in Meridian that sells 4 and in one of the bandit camps there is 2 pieces "at the top where you fight the boss." 


It's been awhile since I played the DLC but I think I bought everything in one go. IIRC, bluegleam doesn't carry over in NG+ so there should be just enough to buy everything,  treasure boxes included. 


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