TLB - Good/Bad Ending question.

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Hi guys I have one question for the last 2 ending, I'm read this:

TLB Bad = Finish the story with all weapon level 10.

TLB Good= S route + all collectibles + all weapon lv. 10

The question is, it's possible unlock this ending with chapter select? Or I'm starting new run?


EDIT: I'm finish a new run, I'm follow a S route + all weapon lv. 10, and few collectibles… and I'm unlocking TLB Good ending. So for this ending you don't need bring all collectibles guys.

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I just got the good ending and this is how it went.


First off. Practice Mode from Stage 1.

S-route all the way however I only got a 96% on Stage 6 which I think should've put me on Route A for Stage 7 but I S-ranked the Boss Mission 2 before it so that might've helped?

I got all Fairies and Miklas, however, I missed 1 Sol on Stage 3.

All Weapons at level 10. 


Here is a piece of info I think I've only come across on True Achievements. DO NOT RETRY A SCENE OR A STAGE. 

^I had attempted the good ending twice and both times I maxed my weapons and collected everything there was to collect, but I retried scenes/stages if I saw I wasn't at 98%. For whatever reason I decided to test out the run anyways after missing the Sol on Stage 3 and screwing up Stage 6. Thankfully it worked out.


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