liu kang combo challenge 10

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Can you do the flying kick on its own ? 


I cant remember if its was this 


⬅️⬅️➡️:circle:  hit back back  and foward cirlce on the same time.


or  this 


➡️➡️:triangle:  foward foward triangle 

My tip would be to do each set in challenge 10 on its own flawlessly and then when you got the hang of them, chain them together. 
Timing is key - I know its frustrating, I remember when I did it.

⬇️⬅️:circle:,*:triangle:       fairly simple. A circle kick followed by uppercut triangle.

While the opponent is in the air walk closer to land the next sequence before the opponent touches the ground.

now practice this sequence 


:square:  -  :triangle:,:circle:,⬅️⬅️➡️:circle:       left hook - small break - and now follow up with the chain triangle, circle, flying kick. 


Have you nailed it - then move on to the flame ball.



and finally the finally the flying kick 




try and chain these 2 together 


➡️➡️:square:,* ➡️➡️:triangle:    I believe the star means you have to input the command straight away with no pause, before the flame ball attack animation ends.


You nailed them all? sweet! Lets do the big one!

⬇️⬅️:circle:,*:triangle: - :square:  -  :triangle:,:circle:,⬅️⬅️➡️:circle:,*➡️➡️:square:,* ➡️➡️:triangle: 

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