Complete Level 7-6 glitched on me !!!

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The complete level 7-6 trophy has glitch issues. I have completed that level over 10 times now with a gold medal and collecting all 3 red coins and no trophy. I restarted the game beat the level again, no trophy. Uninstalled and reinstalled, beat the level again, no trophy. Basically, after busting my balls with this fucking game, I get stiffed on the platinum in the end... What a joke.


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I think I figured out why the trophy wouldn't pop. When I beat 7-6, I also got the trophy for getting silver medals on all levels so I think that must have blocked the 7-6 trophy. Luckily, I had uploaded my save file to the cloud that was near the end of the game. I downloaded that file and played the game to the end again and the 7-6 trophy popped this time when it should.  So just a heads up to anyone don't pop the 7-6 trophy and the silver medals trophy at the same time, it might cause popping problems.


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