State of game going for 100%?

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Grinding isnt an issue just wondering if i need to boost to get 100% or if the game is populated enough for the 100% and if the dlcs are still obtainable and 


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i did Point of Contact and the DLC with friends, and it's a lot of fun if you have a good team.


Most of the Extinction trophies (with a few exceptions) can be done solo if you are pretty good.


There is an element of luck involved with each maps completionist trophy - and if you get decent challenges then they're very doable solo or with another decent player :) but even with 2, 3 or 4p completionist can be problematic.


There are a few trophies that you may need help with: Hardcore with a relic in Exodus: two relics in Awakening and the 4p in Point of contact are ones that spring to mind as needing coop - though tbf, finishing Awakening with each of the classes and killing all the ancestors in Exodus can be tough too. Finishing the boss in Nightfall in under five minutes can be tough if you have a relic too, as can beating it as part of the challenges with a relic (depending which relic you use).


I'd suggest you have a team for at least half of the trophies.


The best Armoury upgrades to have are Double Class, Cryptid Ammo and Scavenger (so you can loot boxes for Arks) but to start with, having the Ark attachment for pistol, and Start With a locker
Key are both a huge bonus and will make all the maps easier. With Dual Class and Cryptid Ammo the maps are easy solo.


If you play with randoms, you might notice that many high rank players will abandon a map once they have looted all the boxes if they don't find decent equipment (ie an Ark attachment) early on - douche bags get greedy and then leave you struggling without any boxes to open to craft items etc, so they actually make the map harder for those they abandon.


Some players will abandon a map as soon as they fail a challenge, so you may get into a lobby with players who 'seemingly' know what they are doing only for them to quit the map when things don't go the way they want. There's no excuse for that tbf, i often play just for fun, but it ceases to be fun when a* holes loot everything they can and then bail. You will often see players running around looting while you are defending the drill or doing challenges etc.

A lot of time (particularly in Point of Contact) players won't play the challenges set at each hive drill (ie kill x amount of aliens with an SMG etc) - which limits the amount of skill points you can apply... For whatever reason.


Unless you are red hot solo then having a decent team is a big help in every map - i'd suggest joining a session or setting one up for the specific trophies / maps that you need. Setting up a session will help you find decent players for sure :)


Good luck with it, and despite the negatives i've mentioned, it is a great game :)

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